Minister Peddireddy slams Naidu’s ‘threatrics’ at Renigunta airport


Amaravathi:  Former chief minister and TDP chief Nara Chandra Babu Naidu’s protest at the Renigunta airport on Monday was nothing but theatrics, as he was aware of permission being denied due to Covid restricts..

“What shall one call Naidu’s act, if not drama or theatrics?” he asked.  “His desperation one can understand,.  Should he restrain possible consequences of his visit, which may force his partymen violate Covid norms,” he pointed out.  Hence, he alleged Naidu’s drama is nothing short of political stunt to get into media glare.

Earlier in the day, Chittoor district Police Chief , S. Senthil Kumar, also addressed the media to set the record straight, amid countless false claims being made by TDP leaders, with sole intention to mislead the people of the state. He further said that it is no denying fact of district police turning down his request to travel.

According to police, the party had plans to mobilize more than 5000 supporters, which clearly violates all Covid regulations. That apart, that many people gathering in the city would also cause a lot of inconvenience to the citizens. “Therefore, TDP was asked to look for another protest site outside the city which they refused to do so” the police chief revealed.  He also cited the third reason as the MCC also happens to be area for upcoming municipal elections and a protest of this nature also violates the election code.

He said the police had no objection if the party had obtained at least permission from the SEC to go ahead with their meeting. “Despite laying out the following reasons, the TDP chief and his party intentionally did what they did. Hence, the detention,’ he added.