Mel Gibson confirms ‘Lethal Weapon 5’ in the works with Richard Donner


Los Angeles:┬áVeteran actor Mel Gibson has confirmed that a fifth film in his blockbuster “Lethal Weapon” franchise is happening with filmmaker Richard Donner returning as director.

During an appearance on “Good Morning America”, the 64-year-old actor said Donner is working on a new movie in the action franchise, which will see him and Danny Glover reprise their roles as LA detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, respectively.

Asked if the movie is happening, Gison said: “Yeah! No absolutely.”

“And the man who was behind all that the man who brought it to the screen and gave it the goodies is working on it right now: Richard Donner. He’s a legend,” he added.

Earlier this year, Dan Lin, one of the producers on the ‘Lethal Weapon’ TV series, had revealed that he and Donner were working on reviving the action buddy cop series, over two decades years after the release of “Lethal Weapon 4”.

The first “Lethal Weapon” movie, directed by Donner, released in 1987. It was a big hit and was followed by “Lethal Weapon 2” (1989), “Lethal Weapon 3” (1992) and “Lethal Weapon 4” (1998).