To My Little Beloved Sister


(Shyamsundar Turaga)

Stopped I in the mid journey caused by                                                                      The engine trouble at a roadside shop

In a remote village on the highway                                                                            Here comes a little girl, pulling my hands

Telling me come home my brother,                                                                          Where were you all these years?

Everybody in home is waiting for you                                                                          Oh! My brother so happy I am on seeing thee

Suddenly on an unexpected day                                                                                  Oh, my brother! Come home

Everybody is waiting for thee.                                                                                  Uncle too on the deathbed waiting for thee

Went along that little girl to the home of theirs,                                                          Everybody was aghast on seeing me,

The resemblance was so much                                                                                     As though I was genetic double                                                                                      Of the deceased boy of the family long ago

Deeply shocked by the death of brother                                                                      Lost she her memories and mental balance,

Rejoiced on seeing me there                                                                                            Oh God bless that little girl

Grant her memory and compassion                                                                            And strength to overcome the sorrow

(This incident happened in my life while I was working in the Regional Geosciences Laboratories of Chennai. Most probably in the year 1986 this incident took place.)