Kejriwal-Jung clash:  No reprieve in sight


(M P Rabindernath)

The ongoing war-of-words between the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lt Governor Najib Jung is open ‘No holds barred War”.

Ever since Aam Admi Party came to power under the leadership of its founder Arvind Kejriwal, the self styled anarchist, he had adopted the confrontationist path with the Lt Governor viewing as the Central government stooge or puppet.

Instead of fulfilling his electoral promises of providing corruption-free government, the self-acclaimed anarchist, Kejriwal, chose to target Jung from day ONE knowing well that Delhi is not a full-fledged state and works under Centre due to its geographical position.

The Delhi High Court, in fact, has made this fact loud and clear while delivering a verdict in the recent past. The Delhi High Court not only said the LG was the city’s administrative head, but also asked Delhi government that it woes an apology to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for calling him ‘names.’

Following the Court’s recent verdict, the Lt Governor has made it abundantly clear that he was not averse to mulling over scrapping the Delhi assembly if such a proposal was brought before him.

Najib Jung was reacting to this question in an interview to a TV channel.  The questioner asked whether he is open to the idea of doing away with the Delhi Assembly. Jung said; “As a thinking human being, as a citizen of Delhi, why would I be not open to giving thought to anything that involvesDelhi.”

Najib Jung further stated “Of course, I am not unwilling to think of anything. We are all human beings and all kinds of thoughts come to us. So, if somebody were to ask me in writing that will you give an opinion, then of course, I would think about it. I am not a robot that I don’t think.”

On Kejriwal’s usage of strong words to attack Modi in the past, Jung told the news channel that in a democracy one can criticise the Prime Minister’s policies “but you cannot call names”.

Meanwhile, AAP leader Kumar Vishwas came down hard on Jung for his comments on the assembly and dared the Centre to bring in a legislation to dissolve it. AAP has an overwhelming majority in the assembly with 67 MLAs in the 70-member house.

With the appeal by the AAP government before the Supreme Court, the stage is set for the final legal show down.  Should the Supreme Court uphold the Delhi High Court verdict, Kejriwal led AAP government would be left with no other option but to demit office on its own and take to the streets all over again.

Will Arvind Kejriwal resort to such a suicidal step or fall in line with the verdict to work within the existing Constitutional frame work?