It is time to expose PDP’s real face in J&K


(M P Rabindernaath)

Time seems to have come for the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance to expose Mehbooba Mufti led People’s Democratic Party (PDP) real intentions to keep Jammu and Kashmir state boiling.

Similarly, the BJP should also explain its stand explicitly to people of India, whether it would like to deal with troublesome neighbors Pakistan with iron hand or not?

People of this country no more can be fooled by the BJP’s short-sighted policies, especially when it comes to dealing with neighboring Pakistan.

Perhaps, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi appears justified when he questions Modi;  “What happened to 36-inches chest, which promised to teach neighboring Pakistan a lesson or two, if it was voted to power in 2014 general elections’.

Though, none would like to find fault completely with the policy pursued to deal with Pakistan by Modi headed government at the Centre, but certainly unable to digest his party’s decision to form the government in Jammu & Kashmir with diametrically ideologically opposite People’s Democratic Party of Muftis.  PDP is known for its links with separatist groups like Hurriyat and also for its indirect endorsement of ‘azadi’ to Kashmiris.

Modi and his party may try and justify that it was only an experiment to try and change the mindset of PDP, two years is too longer, continue with that stupid experiment.

That PDP is unwilling to leave its chosen path – that’s continue to support separatists group, even while  being in power, is loud and clear with Mehbooba’s knee-jerk reactions on killing of dreaded terrorist Burhan Wani in an encounter.  First, she was not aware of the encounter and later security personnel were unaware that it was Burhan Wani whom they killed.

Can there be anything more absurdist statement than this by a state’s head?  If she and her party feels that they can get away by making such absurd statements then they are sadly mistaken.

People are now started questioning not only J&K Chief Minister, but also Modi and his BJP continuinstg to stay in coalition.

In such a scenario, if the PDP and its President Mehboob Mufti are left with no other option to stop supporting separatists or gracefully exit, then Modi and BJP of either pulling out the coalition with immediately effect or dismiss the government to clamp President’s Rule.

Or else, people of this country would not tolerate PDP-BJP’s hara-kiri in Kashmir which is causing more bruises to nation than ever before.