Is Rahul Ghandy Desperate? Congenital Liar


(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)

As per Indian Express report on 26 Sept 2017, Rahul Ghandy  (RG) on the second day of his three-day Saurashtra tour stated while addressing a gathering in Dhrol town of Jamnagar along his Navsarajan Yatra route: “Whatever you buy from shops, be it watch, camera, shirt, pants–‘Made in China’ will be written on back of them all. Sardar Patel’s statue is being built. But that too is being cast in China and ‘Made in China’ will be inscribed there at its back. This is a matter of shame.”

However, the data available in public domain in Department of Commerce: Export-Import Data Bank (country wise) is totally different.

RG is responsible and accountable for deliberate falsification of facts.

Quite glaringly, RG is desperate – deliberately and calculatively twisting facts to gain people’s sympathy and attention.

In particular, RG, on his return from his fortnight tour to USA, appears to have learnt the art and science of “congenital lying” from President Donald Trump.

Percentage growth of imports year-wise include:-2.32% (US$51.03 Bn) in 2013-2014; 18.38% (US$60.41 Bn) in 2014-2015; 2.14% (US$61.70 Bn) in 2015-2016; and -0.69% (US$61.28) in 2016-2017.

Furthermore, percentage of growth of exports year-wise include: 9.53% (US$14.82 Bn) in 2013-2014; -19.50 (US$11.93 Bn) in 2014-2015; -24.50% (US$9.0 Bn) in 2015-2016; and 12.88% (US$10.1 Bn).

Someone advisors of RG should give accurate facts before he makes such wild insinuations against Modi and the BJP.

Facts or truth is quite clear from the above data. Trade between the two countries always favored China.

In 2004, Chinese exports to India was US$5.9 Bn only; and imports from India was US$7.7 Bn. Ipso facto, China’s trade balance was -1.8%. By 2008, China’s exports increased to US$31.5 Bn; and imports from India also increased to US$20.3 Bn with trade balance in favor of China at 11.2%.

If the bilateral trade surged from under $13.6 billion in 2004 to nearly $52 billion in 2008 and thereafter to over US$72 Bn who is responsible and accountable for it?

Does not RG know that the Congress Party headed by the Maunmohan Singh ably assisted by P Chidambaram as Finance Minister, is to be blamed and shamed for the current trade imbalance and “Whatever you buy from shops, be it watch, camera, shirt, pants–‘Made in China’ will be written on back of them all.”

Yet another highly volatile issue on which RG is attempting to piggy ride is the “Pattidar Reservation” demand.  Patels of Gujarat can be placed on the same caste par with Reddy’s of Andhra and Telangana, Jats, Yadavs and so on.

Even majority of intellectuals are unaware that “Reddy” is a village titular head and their caste is “Kapu” – land tilling or agricultural community.

RG must realize that he is only adding fuel to the “Reservation Issue” based on “Caste Divide” not realizing its backlash in all other states thereby further triggering “Divide in the Hindus” – policy of ‘Divide and Rule” in ruthless pursuit of reclaiming lost power to “Ghandy Dynasty”.

Even “Aam Admi” must realize that visits to temples and offering prayers to Hindu Deities and Gods by RG, a Ghandy by lineage (grandfather being Jehangir Feroze Ghandy) and mother being Sonia (Christian), is yet another drama played out to fool voters and reflects the low level of hypocrisy on grand display.

In sum, RG’s public utterances clearly reflect his desperation to reclaim power by denigrating Modi and the BJP and resorting to  the most heinous “policy of divide and rule”. People must awake and give a befitting reply to a “dynastic leader” who is proven “congenital liar”.