Is Modi To Blame  For New Wave?


(B.Someswar Rao)

THE  Covid-19 pandemic has revived the hate campaign against Narendra Modi launched by Rahul Gandhi, The whole country. is divided. It has cast a doubt on whether the BJP would retain power again  in the nexts general election at all. Or,would the dynastic Ghandy, described as Pappu the silly puppy, be catapulted into power as he is projected is the only alternative to Modi by those opposed to him.

India has forgiven the dynasty that imposed the Emergency and jailed hundreds of dissenters, the Islamic invaders who destroyed or disfigured most of the Hindu and Buddhist temples and idols, simply because its own faith opposes ‘idolatry’ and the British who demolished systematically the whole social and educational fabric of the country.

All that, the anti-BJP Opposition says, was good, but prosecuting those against the nation is ‘intolerance’, that rehabilitating the victims of the much-hated caste system of the Indian faith was  necessary, but the victims of these invaders need not get social justice like them. Converting Indians by force or inducements, killing of Hindus who did not convert is secularism and any attempt to oppose it is ‘communal’. The  opportunists who fell for the inducements or feared the sword are minorities needing privileges and protection.

A similar dichotomy is seen in the attitude of these dynasts (all parties other than the BJP and the leftists who do not want to be the left-outs) and the ruling party. Those favouring Modi admire the ‘strong steps’ he had taken to meet the crisis and those against him blame him for the ‘failure’ to contain the pandemic.

The latter think if they come to power their magic wand would wipe out the disease. Even in the face of his medical emergency bipartisanism or politics of consensus has not materialized.  Before India unthinkingly adopted the 51:49 ‘democracy’ of the West it had the system used by the Adi Shankara to re-establish Hinduism – of convincing all opponents through debate and discussion using Tarka and Meemansa  to arrive at the truth.

Shankara even accepted the opponent’s wife as the judge when he debated with Mandana Mishra as learning was all that mattered and not personal loyalty. And even after admitting he had won, she said defeating  her husband meant only half a victory as she was his other half, showing her fidelity.

Now 51 fools are considered right and 49 wise persons wrong. Even when the BJP has the numerical majority they think it is wrong because it is ‘communal’ while  their own collusion with avowedly communal parties of one faith is ‘secular’. They are called ‘sickular liberal’ dynasts by Modi supporters who are dubbed ‘Bhaktas’.

It does not occur to anyone that there can be some truth on both sides and that in the times of an unprecedented national crisis what matters is united action and not dogmatism. The opposition prefers to endure extreme foul smell and refuse to use the flush in the toilet simply because Modi said they should use it.

So the blame game is on. Modi is blamed for failure to contain the pandemic and ensuring many-fold growth of hospital beds and oxygen supply overnight. Modi, they think, has failed because he feels the country has originally been Hindu (which cannot be denied) before the invader

On the other hand his supporters do not agree that now is not the time to think of the Hindu-Muslim-Christian divide and issues like proselytization and love-Jihad. They quote facts and figures to show that in European countries with the same population as some Indian states (like Karnataka and France) the incidence of the pandemic and the number of deaths has been much more.

It is pointed out that while the population of all the world countries other than China was almost equal to that of India, the number of deaths there was much more than in India. It is said the oxygen shortage crisis was the creation of logistics, not of inadequate supply. Another argument is that only six per cent of the positive case need ICU beds and that most deaths were occurring because of the stress caused by panic. And all these arguments are by medical experts and not laymen.

Those who want to criticize the government , however, blame it for everything. One group criticizes if lockdown is imposed and another if it is not.

The  famed activist, Modi-hater Prahant Bhushan, had tweeted criticizing the allocation of Rs.35,000 crores to support private vaccine companies when Covid is dying down in India”  instead of giving it to poor migrant labour or to farmers for minimum sale price(MSP).

In another tweet he said tere was “absolutely no justification for keeping schools and colleges” when the pandemic almost died down and urged student activists to hold protests. After this there was a serious second wave in which lakhs died.

The other extreme was that there was no Coronavirus pandemic at all and that the hype was created tp help pharmaceutical companies. Many people ignored safety rules, did not wear masks or wore them below their chins, maintain distancing and joined long queues for liquor when wine shops were reopened by states whose economy depends on taxing liquor and tobacco, both killers not banned.

It is not admitted that hundreds are dying daily. Corpses pile up at every cemetery and crematorium. The states are forced to set up new ones. Crores of rupees given to states from PM Cares fund remained unspent.

And yet the Centre is blamed and Modi held responsible.