Is farmers protest against new farm laws justified? Yes, says a retired banker, but I nail his lies


(B Someshwar Rao)

Interestingly, I find a retired bank manager’s writeup justifying the ongoing farmers agitation.  He feels fatmers are right to find fault with law. He wanted all those who are blaming or opposing or finding fault with agitating farmers to read his analysis first.  According to him, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is claiming that the new Farm Bills (sic) bound to benefit the faring community at large.
The new farm reforms bill, PM claims alows  farmers to sell their agri products anywhere now.
My (banker’s take):  Farmers are already selling their products of their choice in India. For example, all fine rice  like Basabhog HMT , kalimuchh basmati etc , banana , Imli, Mirchi etc are being sold outside from his state. Imli and mirchi are commonly sold to Andhra. We purchase orange grapes from open market. Only Mota (rice) Paddy  and wheat of lower quality is being sold at mandi.  Thus far, the PM is wrong and his government their supporters are spreading blatant lies.
Govt claim: Mandi arrangements will not be distributed.
Banker’s view; There are two types of farming- contract farming and farmer himself doing the farming at his own land . In case of contract farming, the crop will directly go to market. In other words, the corporates will purchase from farmers giving rupee or two more, to say may be a year or two.  As a result, no one goes to Mandi.  Hence, the Mandi system will definitely be weakened. That is why the farmer is worried most today.
PM and his government reiterates time and again that the MSP will always exist.
Banker’s view– When there is no Mandi system, where we get the highest price for the low quality products (called Minimum Support Price) and who will purchase at the higher rate?  It appears the Modi govt is determined to help corporates by destroying Mandi system.  In fact, only 6% agri products are sold at Mandis, while 94% is already sold in the open market. Why, then the govt is soadamant?  Yes, there are many defects in Mandi system and needs to addressed, instead of destroying Mandis. MSP is fixed for 23 crops, but only two or three in some states and in other states 4 to 5 commodies are bought by the Government. So it needs to strengthen the system as 85 % of farmers have less than 2 hectare land holdings. So, they cannot go elsewhere to sell their crops and Mandi is the onlu suitable place forfor them to sell their produce. Average income of Bihari farmers are 1/3rd of the nation’s average income per acre, where the Mandi system has been distributing since 2006 .
Therefore we should support Kisan instead of any party, he says.
And my befitting reply this retired banker, God alone knows whether he blongs to farming community and have better understanding of the agriculture sector per se.
Your analisys proves farmers have no problem except the mandis dying. Who benefits from the Mandi?  Is it not the middleman (many from Badal family in punjab). Punjab farmers head the protest. The laws don’t apply to Punjab as it has passed Acts scrapping it. Why protest then? Punjabis are once main producers of wheat and rice (But, not now, according to the latest figurees put out by the Union Agriculture Ministry). If what Opposition says is true why farmers’ committing suicides and middlemen becoming karodpatis? Do you know what the farmers get and what the market price is? Are there no cartels of buyers in leaague with the agents?
The status quo is to producers of food starve and commit suicide. They want this to continue? Why are Khalistanis financing it? Photos prove  millionaire farmers with tractors and camp facilities there,  are protesting,  If only 6 % is sold in Mandis, then why all this protest?
How does an Italian widow  and Pappu, who does not know  machines cannot turn potaos into gold, know more than a man who knows hunger?
One thing is clear.  Steps must be taken to stop Ambanis (In fact, Ambanis made it clear that they are not into agri business nor willing to get involved ever) and Adanis from buying farm produce unless they pay more.  No farmer proved this.