Intolerance: A ploy to defame India


(Dr R K Chadha)

Born to parents from Gujranwala in Pakistan who were forced to flee to save their lives in 1947 with just the clothes on body I can feel the pain of my sisters and brothers Kashmiri Pandits who had to leave their homes in the Kashmir valley in independent India in 1990.  We represent the finest example of an extremely tolerant Hindu society with roots firmly embedded in Sanathan Dharma.    

Let the billion people in India show solidarity with Kashmiri Pandits who were uprooted from their homes 30 years ago and are still languishing in the makeshift arrangements in the country.

It is high time that we expose the built up of a narrative of intolerant India under Modi’s regime by the left liberal lobby borrowing from the Pakistan’s policy of “Bleed India with a thousand cuts”.

Amir Khan’s visit to Turkey on 74th Indian Independence Day and the vulgar show of arrogance by displaying his photographs with the First Lady Emine Erdogan on social media platform reflects the typical regressive mentality and shows the hypocrisy of a gang of left liberal intellectuals, hereafter referred to as “the lobby” that is bent upon defaming India’s image as a peace loving country.  The same Khan’s family that was feeling unsafe in the country suddenly found comfort and security in Turkey whose President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is constantly conspiring with Pakistan to destablise India.  This act shows his insensitivity to the feeling of the fellow Indians and reflects his hate for the present regime.

The narrative of Intolerance is a very clever ploy of the self declared crème de la crème of Indian society with people from universities, historians, media houses, writers and Bollywood forming a lobby with outdated leftist ideology.  This lobby held the Indian masses at ransom for more than six decades and dominated the Indian politics with their idea of India.

The 2014 was the watershed moment in independent India’s history when centre of right Bharatiya Janta Party came to power with absolute majority and a nationalist and development agenda.  This suddenly shook the lobby out of their slumber and they immediately herded themselves to find ways and means to keep their power and relevance intact.

In the 1st year of Modi government this lobby started feeling the pressure as government began scrutinizing the flow of foreign funds which put their freedom in jeopardy. They started looking for opportunities where they can hit back and create confusion in the society.  Even before Narendra Modi took oath the mainstream national media was flooded with opinions of dire consequences, massive riots, civil disorder and crippling of law enforcement in the country.  This was a carefully crafted campaign to create an atmosphere of uncertainty in the country on which they can build their narrative of Intolerance.

Just a year of BJP in office this lobby fired their first salvo in 2015 when more than 50 writers returned their Sahitya Academy and other national awards. This was to protest growth of intolerance under the Narendra Modi regime after the lynching of a Muslim man in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh on suspicion of cow slaughtering.  This Award Wapsi incident was the first well thought and politically motivated movement but it exposed the hypocrisy of these people. The same lobby of these intellectuals was silent, including the spearhead of this movement who happens to be of Kashmiri origin, when more than four lakhs Kashmiri Pandits were hounded out of their homes in the Kashmiri valley.

The lobby and its cohorts in media downplayed the role of terrorist elements in the Kashmir valley and a prominent journalist of a national TV channel put the blame of this exodus on the economic disparity between the rich minority Kashmiri Pandits and the “poor” Muslim majority.  In the open public glare witnessed by the entire country, the hate announcements were made from the minarets of mosques advising Hindu Pandits to leave their women behind and flee; religious and antinational slogans including that of pro-Pakistan with flags were conveniently ignored by these same left liberal intellectuals.  On several earlier occasions this lobby was silent when thousands of Sikhs were massacred in Delhi in 1984 or when thousands of youth were forcibly sterilized during Emergency.  History is replete with incidents when the left lobby chose to side with the Congress government in power.

The Award Wapsi movement was such a farce as none of these awardees returned the monetary benefits and nobody resigned from their positions. But they were successful to some extent through their agents in media to popularize the campaign of intolerance at the national and international levels.  Since then this lobby has been cherry picking incidents to defame the country.  They have projected themselves as the saviors of Muslims and Dalits in the country.

A routine event of 8 day meat ban by Maharashtra government to honor the sentiments of Jains was blown out of proportion as an incident of intolerance. This eight day period is a regime of intense prayers, repentance and reflection in the religion of Jains. This ban has been happening since the days of Congress government in Maharashtra, but it was never highlighted or contested.  Even the local incident like azaan in mosques using loudspeaker was exploited to create differences between Hindu and Muslim communities, the Bollywood star singer Sonu Nigam has to face the wrath of this left liberals and Muslims for expressing his opinion on this issue.

The activities of this lobby reached a crescendo in 2016 when they politicized the suicide of Rohit Vemula a dalit student at the University of Hyderabad to forward their intolerance agenda.  They blamed the BJP government for this suicide owing to depression in the dalit community.

Ironically, another suicide by a Hindu youth Abhishek in Sringeri at the same time did not find even a mention in this lobby’s agenda. This clearly shows the intensions of this lobby to divide the society on caste and religion and their hatred towards the right wing government.  Another incident where this lobby tried to play the religion card was when targeted the event of Sri Sri Ravi Shanker in March 2016 on the banks of Yamuna River in Delhi by arguing that it will harm the ecosystem.

Later on, the studies have shown that no such harm to the ecosystem was observed but the outrage and the angst of this lobby was so obvious that their agenda to oppose the Narendra Modi government on any trivial issue in the name of Hindutva came out as the proverbial cat out of the bag.

The landmark achievements of the Modi government on Triple Talaq, abrogation of Article 370 and 35A and construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya within a year in 2019, greatly worried this lobby and relegated them to oblivion.  On the issue of Triple Talaq, they tried to incite deceitfully, the mullah lobby and their counterparts in regional political parties.  But when they found the Muslim women happy with this law and came out in support of the government they retracted their steps and waited for opportune time to strike back.

The entire country rejoiced the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A and the division of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union territories, viz., J&K and Ladakh.  This was a long standing issue which was conveniently exploited by the politicians in the Kashmir valley.  This also broke the back of the separatist movement spearheaded by the Hurriat.

The policy of Muslim appeasement in the Kashmir valley did not allow the earlier governments to take such drastic steps in the interest of country. The governance in the state was reduced to family business.  The government at the centre in collusion with the state government played vote bank politics to stay in power.

The impact of the abrogation of Article 370 is worth mentioning here as many may not know the implications.  For the first time after seven decades, the Indian Constitution and all the 890 Central laws are now fully applicable to J&K.  This has meant the application of 170 more Central laws to J&K including the progressive laws such as the Scheduled Caste and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1954, the Whistle Blowers Protection Act 2014, the National Commission for Safai Karamcharis Act 1993, the Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forests Right) Act 2007, the National Commission for Minorities Act and the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 to name a few.

The hypocrisy of the Congress, left and the state parties was exposed when it became known that these parties did not allow such crucial laws which protect Dalits and other disadvantaged groups to be implemented in the erstwhile state for all these years.  Another discriminatory legal provision, which prevented women in J&K from retaining their rights if they married outside the state, was put to an end.

The treatment meted out to around 10,000 municipal workers called safai karamcharis in the erstwhile state was inhuman.  They were denied citizenship, access to education and jobs. With this law in place they have now become legitimate domiciles in the Union Territory with access to all rights and privileges and the Dalits and tribal communities have got their due, as in other states.

The question which begs an answer is to why the champions of Dalits, the leftist who claim to be the torch bearers of the poorest of the poor and the working class in the country not take up the cause of the Dalits and safai karamcharis in Jammu and Kashmir?

The laying of foundation stone for the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya on August 5, 2020 was yet another landmark achievement of Narendra Modi government which was whole heartedly accepted by all people in the country including majority of Muslims.  Few feeble voices of the chronic hypocrites in both the Muslim clergy and regional political parties were heard with the tacit support of the leftist.  These voices were lost in the background without any rumbling.

The mainstream national TV channels in India have played a major role in spreading the intolerance narrative of the left lobby.  Today, they are divided vertically into two sides and the news hour has turned into a mudslinging match between the dominating left liberal lobby and the centre of right parties. They cherry pick certain news item and turn it into a political fight between these two sides where anchors play the role of judges.  They pronounce judgments with impunity and go to any levels to insult each other crossing all limits of decency.  A recent example will explain the malaise and the depth to which national media has stooped. .

In a recent war of words Rahul Kanwal of India Today on his twitter account referred Arnab Goswami as a Nazi Leader, Goebbels and his channel a banana republic. Not to be left behind Republic TV channel hit back India Today, Aajtak and aroonpurie on their twitter handles by sending the TRP ratings charts of Week 34 covering the period 22-29 August 2020 showing the Republic TV leading the pack. This drama of tweets was of One upmanship and a ploy to increase TRP ratings which helped both the parties.

This is proven trick of Bollywood employed to turn their movies into blockbusters by creating either a controversy or sensationalizing an issue.  This is alright for the entertainment industry as their primary aim is to earn good money.  But in a serious profession like journalism this affects the lives of people and image of the country.  Today, mainstream national media has lost its importance and has become insensitive.  Increasing the TRP has become their top priority even at the cost of their professional ethics.

The reason of the twitter war was the case where India Today and Republic have openly chosen sides in Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case. While Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV is standing with Rajput’s family, India Today has come to the rescue of Rhea Chakaraborty by raising voices against the comments made by various news agencies against her.  In between Kangana Raut has jumped into the fray to grab headlines.

This soap opera called “the media trial” is being telecasted daily during the prime time hour with devastating effects on the families of the concerned parties. The judgments are pronounced based on personal biases, benefits or animosity against individuals by damaging their reputation, careers and lives before they are pronounced guilty or innocent in the court of law.  This is not new, several high profile cases like Sunanda Puskhar and Arushi murder are notable examples of the media trials in the recent times where courts had to intervene and restrain TV anchors and behave responsibly.

The current epic twitter spat exposes the wide cracks in the fourth pillar of democracy which have reduce TV debates to serials like crime patrol and CID.  This is not a new feature, it is widely known that TV channels takes sides due to compulsions related to their sustenance and by default biases.  No more, the awe and pride associated with being a journalist draw the high esteem and respect of people in the society.

In the race to beef up the TRP ratings the gloves are off and the true character of Indian mainstream national media in the 21st century India has emerged.  The emergence of social media platforms in recent times has helped some of the serious and honest journalist to voice their views which reaches millions of people, thanks to Smart phones and internet connectivity.

The ease at which the information is available at our finger tips helps in obtaining overall views which help in forming opinions less likely to be influenced by one narrative.  However, the flip side of this information boom is the emergence of fake news.  But the availability of technology to all has provided a level playing field.  For example the Fake News today is no more the exclusive domain of a few, it has pervaded into all sections of the society that can make use of this weapon cancelling out one sided advantages.

The impact of the social media was seen during the 2019 general elections in India where the strong left liberal lobby dominated debates on the national TV channels against one man,  It was Modi vs the conglomeration of all major opposition parties.  The daily hammering of slogans like “Chowkidar Chor Hai” or “Suit Boot ki Sarkar” and calling him a Dictator, fascist, and an autocrat on national TV fell flat and the power of social media emerged as a victor of information dissemination.

All the efforts of media houses to paint Modi as an opportunist using surgical strikes in Pakistan after Uri and Phulwama were ignored by the masses who believed him and his honest intentions to develop India.  The thumping victory of the BJP sent the left liberal lobby into coma and most of the opposition parties went on ventilator.

The lightening speed at which the ruling party started fulfilling their election promises, left the left lobby insecure and sulking as they could not stop this juggernaut. They started looking for even half baked chances to retaliate. When the CAA bill was passed in the Parliament they saw an opportunity to use this historic bill against the government and extract their pound of flesh.

They jumped on a stray comment by the Home Minister of India on the preparation of a National Register of Citizen (NRC) in India.  They started a campaign of misinformation creating a fear psychosis amongst the minority community using pliable TV channels that were more than willing to serve their cause to settle their own scores.

On January 5, 2020 violence broke out inside the Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus after a mob of masked men and women armed with sticks and rods attacked students and teachers in which 23 persons were injured including the president of JNU students union.  JNUSU and Alhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) blamed each other for the violence.

The JNU is notorious for political activities where students take part in several agitations on social issues.  Five years back they had organized a meeting on the third death anniversary of the Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru where anti-national slogans were raised which caused unrest in the campus.

Sensing the opportune time to strike, the left liberal lobby converted a “would have been” university campus issue into an anti CAA and NRC agitation.  They delivered fiery speeches to widen the rift between the agitating JNU and Jamia and AMU students and the government.

Later, under a grand plan this agitation spread in different parts of the country where who’s who from Bollywood to professors of universities, social activists and politicians participated.  Sensing blood, the left lobby dragged in the innocent Muslim women into this agitation.  They started a smear campaign against the government based on misinformation that Muslims will be targeted under the NRC and will be thrown out of country after the completion of national survey.

Hundreds of Muslim women along with small children sat on agitation at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi blocking an important connecting road to Noida causing inconvenience to commuters.  Slowly leaders of the political parties and other intellectuals started participating in the evening programs at Shaheen Bagh and delivered provocative speeches in which Muslim men and children raised sensitive religious slogans considered communal and antinational.

The plan of the lobby worked to perfection and a very chaotic situation emerged in the country.  Later on, violence broke out in Delhi where persons belonging to both Hindu and Muslim communities were killed in the mayhem. The leftist had a sense of satisfaction when foreign media made some noise on this violence by publishing few articles.  Slowly things were getting out of control and the lobby was planning their final kill when nature intervened to still some sense of semblance.  The Covid19 pandemic broke out and withered the Shaheen Bagh blockade and diffused the tempo of the anti CAA and NRC agitation.

Today, the country is under lockdown due to the pandemic which has affected the world.  Even in these uncertain times the lobby is up to their mischief to bring differences between Hindus and Muslims by blaming the Tabligi Jamat conference in Delhi in spreading the corona virus. But the maturity of the government came in handy and the issue was nipped in the bud.

Seeing all their narratives becoming ineffective on all fronts the left liberals are waiting to strike and looking for avenues. The strong posture of Narendra Modi against the misadventure of Chinese in Galwan and Pangsong lake region along the LAC in Ladakh has won people’s support and praise in the country.  India has emerged as a strong country capable of giving a red nose to PLA in case of a conflict.  Our brave soldiers are occupying the strategic heights along the LAC to thwart any attempts to occupy our motherland.

In the present scenario the left lobby is feeling restless having failed to pin down the present government.  They have started making random noises against the Modi government on slowdown of Indian economy quoting figures of the last quarter ending June 2020.  The economic performance of this government has been its Achilles heel.  They have to return to the drawing board and come out with bold and innovative steps to put Indian economy back on rails.

While people in the country are satisfied with Modi’s performance as a strong leader in the face of adverse situations and happy with his major decisions, their patience will run out at some point of time.  Before it happens Modi has to act and take advise and suggestions of learned people in the governance cutting across the party lines so that all the good work done will not go waste.  The country still believes him and his words but results have to start showing on ground.