IntelliGIN- London Gin, Uncorking Gender Bias, Ahoy!  


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Intelli’GENT’:  Is this a man’s world?

We’re biased to think Men are Smarter, and that hurts.

IntelliGIN gives new dimension to gender equality. The Cheers group, a global alco-bev conglomerate chose ‘IntelliGin’, instead of ‘Intelligent’, for its luxurious Gin brand in signature Crystal type Skull bottle decanter, especially for those hit by a wave of gin-spiration.

IntelliGin London dry gin is arguably one of the most versatile liquors out there. It’s made from a wide selection of exotic botanical ingredients, the most common of which is juniper berries – antioxidant rich “super fruit” surrounded by an aura of health.

For the gin-tellectuals, the IntelliGin with juniper-forward gin offers a crisp, clear taste that forgoes most sweetness in favor of a more woodsy palate. It’s also a treat when paired with simple carbonated mixers⁠ (tonic water, soda water, or ginger ale⁠) that highlight this gin’s complex flavors. Gin fans might be pleasantly surprised by its fully-loaded style of gin. IntelliGin uses slightly more botanicals than traditional London dry gins, giving it an amazing taste experience. In all, it’s an intel-no-hangover gin!

“Hand-crafted in the finest distillation processes in the land of beach paradise Goa is made meticulously to ensure each and every batch is up to impressively high standards. IntelliGin has earned praise for being clean, crisp, and utterly refreshing” says Dr. Mohan Krishna, founder, Cheers group.

This may be a turn-off for those who prefer a more traditional taste that doesn’t overpower mixers, but gin fans are sure to enjoy the unique, complex layers when drinking it straight.

“Juniper-forward, this revitalizing IntelliGin is distilled to perfection to ensure a dry, crisp taste. Overall, it’s a good gin to reach for when you’re crafting a cocktail or some Gin and Titonic Shots” says Ashwin Balivada, Executive Director, Cheers group.

“IntelliGin is an incredibly versatile take on the London dry style, noting its well-balanced mix of botanicals with juniper at the forefront and an underpinning of spice and citrus. It delivers a classic flavor profile, well-balanced that offers an excellent complexity and depth. This gin will shine in just about any cocktail and is delicious sipped with tonic,” says Dr. Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director, Cheers group.

IntelliGin London dry gin, assures tasters will definitely uncover more flavors with each sip, with its exotic botanical ingredients. Fun fact: these ingredients, mesmerising flavour profile makes it a good option for stirring up your spirits is how this gin gets its name⁠— IntelliGIN.

“The IntelliGIN iconic fancy bottle is elegantly done up ‘Skull-fully’, making it a must-have for gin-lovers. It’s a kind of work of art” adds Divya.

The IntelliGIN special launch price at Rs 1920 for 750 ml, in Hyderabad, making the rarest London Gin Skull bottle an affordable addition to your ever-growing collection.

IntelliGin is undoubtedly better than regular gins on the racks. Maybe! If you’re gonna reach for a drink, a little extra botanical boost and extra kick might be a good thing as it’s a bonus! OMG it’s a Gin-affair. Cheers!