Insane Politics – Kashmir Crisis


(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)

“Insane Politics” are being played out by political leaders and parties of all sides in the ongoing Kashmir crisis.

“Blindmen of Hindustan” has turned “Madmen of Hindustan”.  Bizarre is their public posturing.

“Modi to visit Pakistan” to conduct parleys, speculative rumor afloat in media or conjecturing, under the present circumstances is quite absurd and senseless.

Following the “Royal Snub” received by Rajnath Singh, the Home Minister, during his last visit to Pakistan and equally “Royal Humiliation” meted out to Opposition leaders – Sitaram Yechuri, D. Raja, Sharad Yadav, Owaisi etc – by the separatist leaders in Srinagar, it is utterly stupid for any sane person to think of productive dialogue with Pakistan.

In particular, after Modi has raised the pitch against Pakistan over the Baluch, Gilgit-Baltistan and POK issue and breeding of terror by Pakistan in the G-20 forum.

The latest is also the snub to the Indian Ambassador after inviting him to attend meeting. And the Indian Ambassador is also to be faulted to make gestures appealing to trade and exchange visits at the most inappropriate time.  Surely, he should be recalled for such a rank stupidity.

Does Modi, as the Prime Minister of India, want to be humiliated and rebuffed by Pakistan? Insane it is to even think of Modi going to Pakistan at this juncture even if invited for talks.

Whom will Modi talk to and on what agenda will he talk to them? Talking to Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan is for a photo opportunity only.

Talks can only be meaningful if the talks are conducted with the Pakistan Army Chief, the ISI and the terrorist leaders like Hafiz Saeed, Syed Salahauddin, HM, and LeT leaders. Otherwise, it would be all political bonhomie on grand display or politics of absurdity for photo opportunity as messiahs of peace.

Next, “Grave” is the crisis escalation on the streets of South Kashmir or in the valley. No need for journalists like Barkha Dutt to repeatedly harp over it. Stone pelting mobs involved in a ‘ding-dong” battle forcing the security forces at times to retract only to return to chase the mobs back into their houses are beamed live into the drawing rooms on hourly basis. Sickening it is to see mobs throwing stones and attacking the posts with security forces personnel seeking safety behind sand bags like cowards.

Kudos must go to security forces personnel for showing tremendous grit to restrain themselves under grave provocations and mob assaults.

Unless those mobs on the offensive in the streets refrain from launching attacks on security forces, there is no scope for restoration of normalcy.

Restoration of normalcy and peace, therefore, depends on the separatist leaders and the stone pelting mobs. If they do not relent and retract to peaceful ways, there is no hope to end the mindless violence in the streets. If they suffer casualties, they are directly responsible for it. No need to shed crocodile tears.

Poor security forces have become the helpless victims of insane politics. They are only performing the most difficult job of maintaining peace as per orders from their political bosses.

Finally, even a layman would have predicted the futility of the All Party Delegation to conduct a dialogue with all stake holders.

Strategic deadlock or stalemate persists over the issue of conducting dialogue and to restore normalcy in Kashmir valley.

And the reasons are quite obvious.  After all, separatist leaders, cronies of Pakistan, have to enact the game of violence on the streets by their master’s diktat from across the borders. At least, they cannot be seen in public to enter into dialogue with the Indian authorities.

Fortunately, the “Madmen of Hindustan” have forged consensus at least over the key issue of national integrity and security.

Kudo’s goes to all of them for reaching consensus over such a critical issue thereby sending a strong message to “Separatists Leaders and their followers” besides Pakistan.

If there is one leader who merits special congratulations, it is the Chief Minister “Mehabooba Mufti for her very bold statements decrying the separatist leaders and mindless violence.

Also, if there is one leader who should be condemned, it is Omar Abdullah of Abdullah Dynasty, whch is squarely responsible for the present crisis escalation and proliferation by murdering “Jammoriyat (democracy) in mid 1980s elections.

Omar Abdullah’s tweet even before the ink would dry on the agreed resolution after the All Party Meeting concluding session reflects his heinous and treacherous disposition. And, the Congress Party needs to rein in its partner.

Had Abdullah dynasty ruled Kashmir sans corruption despite financial largesse at Indian Tax payers cost, the current spate of violence would not have arisen in the first instance? They kept the “Kashmir Pot” boiling to suit to their political whims and fancies.

Viewed in the above context and content, insane is Sitaram Yechuri proposed “Dual Track Strategy”. The first track announced by him for the TV cameras is the 5 point formulae: 1) Announce pellet guns withdrawal; 2) Rehabilitation of Civilian casualties and their treatment; 3) Judicial probe into alleged SFs excesses; 4) revoke AFSPA from civilian areas; and 5) announce employment opportunities for youth.

And, in the second track, Sitaram Yechury wants continue attempts to conduct dialogue with all stakeholders (without defining exactly who the stakeholders are) and the PM, Modi, to restart dialogue with Pakistan.

Quite obviously, Sitaram Yechury is playing politics of absurdity to the gallery of Indian gullible masses to buy his argument as the true messenger of peace and harmony.

Withdrawal of “Pellet Guns” is under active consideration by the Ministry of Home. What next? Security forces to go around with ‘garlands” to stone throwing mobs.

Next, revocation of AFSPA can be done only when violence retracts and normalcy restored on the streets.

More importantly, if civilians cooperate to pre-empt terror strikes by Pakistan sponsored terror groups against Indian security forces convoys and posts.

Mr. Sitaram Yechury, what about judicial enquiry into civilian excesses resulting in death of security forces and grievous injuries inflicted on them? Surely, justice must appear to be fair and square and not one sided.

The one good outcome out of all the current confusion is the government’s announcement of withdrawal of security to separatist leaders and all other perks to them.

Such a denial of privileges and perks to separatist leaders should not have been extended in the first instance by the National Conference and the Congress Party. Never too late in the day to ensure its effective implementation.

Similarly, all those involved in receipt of financial packages from Pakistan to sponsor the ongoing stone pelting frenzy should also be arrested and taken out of Kashmir valley without dithering and procrastination over shifting them out of the Valley.

Remember always everyone should, that political solution cannot be reached with the gun pointing at ones back.

Dialogue meant to find a mutually acceptable solution within the framework of the Indian Constitution can only be initiated when normalcy is restored on the streets and when the opposing side accepts the invitation for dialogue.

In sum, what is the ground realty in today’s context: Strategic Deadlock.  No easy escape route to unfold the political gridlock due insane politics played out by all sides.

Many options and choices are available which will unfold at appropriate times. One thing should be certain to people in the valley.  At the current level of violence, they cannot expect India to bend backwards to allow separation of Kashmir valley from its fold. They will have to very heavy price and so also their Pakistan sponsors plunge themselves into self destructive mode like in Syria or Iraq with homes destroyed with towns cities razed to ground and becoming refugees in POK if they persist with their insane politics.