India’s daily Covid-19 tally down to 12,286, death toll reaches 157,248


New Delhi: India’s Covid-19 caseload reached above 11.11 million as the daily number of cases around 15,500. The country Covid-19 tally stands at 11,112,241 and 157,157people have succumbed to the viral disease.

The global cases also spiked in almost two months in the past week, mainly in the Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia. The World Health Organization cited countries easing restrictions, people letting their guard down and variants spreading as reasons behind the resurgence of Covid-19.

As per a Bloomberg report, the number of global cases has surpassed 114 million, while the death toll exceeds 2.5 million. Meanwhile, more than 245 million people have received the jab against the viral disease across the world.

In the United States, top country to be worst-hit by Covid-19, witnessed a decline of 61% to about 2.42 million in cases of infections, Bloomberg reported citing Johns Hopkins University figures. The death toll also lowered by 25%. Overall, almost 514,000 Americans have succumbed to Covid-19 and about 28.7 million residents — or 8.7% of the population — have been infected by it.

As the virus continued to mutate, a new Covid-19 variant detected in New York City. US’ top health official Anthony Fauci on Monday said the New York variant has now travelled through various neighbourhoods and is being watched “very, very closely” by US health officials.