Holi Colourful Ethics Lesson

(B Someswar  Rao)
Holi teaches us that a gift or talent should not be misused. A boon  is to be used too save someoe and  not to kill.
This lesson is most significant today as technology is a gift to humanity that  is being misused.
Most terrorists are highly ‘educated’ people who use their knowledge wrongly as their religion does not teach them values like vasudaivakutunbakam and justifies killing of ‘kafirs’ and destruction other religions’ idols. Fanatics are not alone in using  knowledge of technology wrongly. A computer virus is a wrong program code written by someone with IT knowledge; so are cloning of ATM cards and other cyber crimes.
Education today only means degrees and not imbibing of ethics.
 Holi is not just smearing colors, abuses or gambling North India associates with it today. Unfortunately ritualism crept into Hinduism  and we follow only when the colour of religion or custom is smeared on a practice without understanding. All Hindu festivals have scientific reasons.
Holi is a colourful lesson in ethics