Haryana Governor Dattatreya leads World Yoga Day celebrations


Chandigarh:  Bandaru Dattatreya, the Governor of Haryana took part in the World Yoga Day celebrations on Tuesday.

Speaking on the occassion Dattatraya said Yoga is the key to human well-being.   And, only through yoga one can achieve peace, harmony, equality and brotherhood.  He said it will also ensure as well as sustain across the whole world. “Today, the International Yoga Day has become a global festival, thanks to the efforts of none other than Prime Minister Narendra ModiI,” he said and added; “On the occasion, I extend my best wishes to the people of the country.”

Describing yoga as an invaluable gift of the Indian ancient system to humanity, the Governor reiterated that yoga is the art of living to make life meaningfully as it brings enlightenment in one’s life. He said PM’s assiduous efforts, convinced the UN to declare June 21 as the International Day of Yoga in December 2014.

He said that during Covid-19 pandemic of two and a half years, Yoga came to the rescue of humanity. There was no medicine or vaccine to treat Covid-19. By adopting the Indian yoga system, the people of the world increased immunity and kept their morale high to conquer Covid-19.

The Governor said that he is very happy that in Haryana, the land of Vedas, Upanishads and Gita, the state government has inspired the new generation for practicing yoga. Yoga Shalas are being established in all 6500 villages and cities of Haryana. Krishna Ayush University had also been established in Kurukshetra. This university is the first AYUSH University in India. Yoga education is also being imparted in this university.

Dattatraya performed yoga close to 45 minutes as per the International Protocol for Yoga. He did Pranayam, shoulder and knee exercises including Anulom Vilom, Kapalbhati, Bhramari Pranayama and Dhyana Yoga.

Similarly, he did Asanas such as Vajrasana, Vakrasana, Makarasana, Bhujasana, and Shalabh.