Goebbelsian Lies by Rahul Gandhy!



(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)

Rahul Ghandy’s (RG) desperation to somehow ensure that Modi led BJP/NDA does not regain majority in the forthcoming elections in the States and Lok Sabha should be glaringly obvious to all those following his campaign speeches.

RGs recent tirade against Modi and the BJP follows a well defined script to include: Rafale deal, Unemployment – No Jobs creation, demonetization, GST Tax, Soft vs. Hard Hindutva, Doklam sell out, and so on.

Ipso facto, the brain trust headed by Sam Pitroda, former Advisor to the Prime Minister of India on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovation, with the rank of a Cabinet Minister during the Manmohan Singh years, and Vinod Khosla of Sun Micro Systems in close collaboration with inner coterie of the party is powering RGs latest crusade against Modi and the BJP.

RG and his coterie has been replicating Donald Trump’s “Tweet offensive” on daily basis.  Goebbels, Hitler’s master propagandist who excelled in stirring up hatred and repeating lies, pales into insignificance before RG and his coterie heading the Congress Party social media cell. And, they are ardent followers of the propaganda tool “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”  And, RGs “campaign themes” are based on half-truth, fake and fraud news in pursuit of defeating Modi.

None can blame RG and the Congress Party to indulge in Goebbelsian lies to reclaim power. Let me reiterate, that “Politics is power; power is politics. Let none suffer from illusions on such a count. It is a vicious game played by contestants in ruthless pursuit of power. No rules. No place for weak kneed. “Politics and ideals and morals do not go together. Lenin stated “There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience.” Indian politicians are wily practitioners of Lenin’s prescriptions.

Accuracy of facts and consistency are important to retain credibility among voters. Flip-flops, guffaws and lies get exposed sooner than later.

Let me review some of his latest ‘flip-flops’. His latest statements on the issue of the price of Rafale’s mercilessly expose his intellectual bankruptcy and total absence of consistency. For example, on 29 April 2018, at Jan Akrosh Rally in New Delhi,  RG stated When Manmohan Singh was prime minister each Rafale aircraft cost was Rs. 700 crore. But Narendra Modi went to France and the price of each aircraft became Rs 1,500 crore. It just becomes double right away.”

On 20 July 2018, RG in Parliament – No confidence motion speech in Lok Sabha – scaled down the price of each Rafale during the UPA rule  to Rs 520 crore and  NDA price scaled up its price to Rs. 1600 crore. Thereafter, RG made the amazing flip-flop over Rafale prices came 11 August 2018. Within just two minutes he quoted two different prices for Rafale – Rs 520 crore and Rs 540 for each aircraft. Subsequently, in the rallies at Bidar and Hyderabad, RG stated the price as Rs 526 crore.

Yet another false statement oft repeated during rallies by RG is “the French President Macron denied any secrecy clause” during his meeting with him at Delhi. As per Surejwala, the Congress Party spokesperson “the Congress chief, however, did not raise the Rafale fighter jet deal with Macron.” After his Parliament speech during the “No Confidence Motion”, the French government officially stated that “a 2008 pact between the two countries prohibited giving out details of classified information.

Next, another bizarre fraud by RG concerns failure of Modi led BJP to create jobs by drawing comparison of China that is creating jobs to 50,000 people every 24 hours. If China’s data is to be taken on its face value (7.35 million jobs created in 2017 alone), there should be NIL unemployment in China. Yet, China has a higher rate of unemployment than India.

Add to them, even during his campaigning in Gujarat , as per an Indian Express report on 26 September 2017, RG on the second day of his three-day Saurashtra tour, stated while addressing a gathering in Dhrol town of Jamnagar along his Navsarjan Yatra route: “Whatever you buy from shops, be it watch, camera, shirt, pants, ‘Made in China’ will be written on the back of them all. Sardar Patel’s statue is being built. But that too is being cast in China and ‘Made in China’ will be inscribed there at its back. This is a matter of shame”.

However, the data available in the public domain in the Department of Commerce: Export-Import Data Bank (country wise) is totally different. RG is squarely responsible and accountable for deliberate falsification of facts. Trade between the two countries favored China during UPA rule too.

Percentage growth of imports year-wise include:-2.32% (US$51.03 Bn) in 2013-2014; 18.38% (US$60.41 Bn) in 2014-2015; 2.14% (US$61.70 Bn) in 2015-2016; and -0.69% (US$61.28) in 2016-2017.

Furthermore, percentage of growth of exports year-wise include: 9.53% (US$14.82 Bn) in 2013-2014; -19.50 (US$11.93 Bn) in 2014-2015; -24.50% (US$9.0 Bn) in 2015-2016; and 12.88% (US$10.1 Bn).

In 2004, Chinese exports to India were US$5.9 Bn only; and imports from India were US$7.7 Bn. Ipso facto, China’s trade balance was -1.8%. By 2008, China’s exports increased to US$31.5 Bn; and imports from India also increased to US$20.3 Bn with trade balance in favor of China at 11.2%.

Does not RAHUL GANDHI know that the Congress Party headed by the Manmohan Singh ably assisted by P Chidambaram as Finance Minister, is to be blamed and shamed for the current trade imbalance and “Whatever you buy from shops, be it watch, camera, shirt, pants–‘Made in China’ will be written on back of them all.”

RG is also making an attempt to demonize demonetization and the GST issues to reclaim loyalty of small businesses, farm labor, youth and women. It is irrespective of the fact that demonization has  hurt all the corrupt leaders and real estate mafia hoarding huge amounts of cash earned by illegal means. Also, the GST Council attended by all ruling Congress Party from time to time Chief Ministers and Finance Ministers have been privy to periodic reviews on regular basis and addressing concerns and shortcomings and rationalizing tax rates of many items.

Importantly, the holistic framework of GST conceptualization and formulation was pioneered by the Congress Party that included C. Rangarajan, Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram. And, the GST Council is also attended by the ruling parties of the Congress Party. So, the ongoing political tirade and name calling is totally unjustified.

On the social front, RG has been showcasing himself in many faces  – wearing Dhoti’s, applying vertical or horizontal Tilak sometimes on his forehead during visits to various temples and Seers, and skull caps while visiting Masjid’s and Dargahs and so on.

As per peoples’ and societies diversity, RG is shifting his postures against Modi in rallies.  Like some chameleon species vary their coloration and pattern through combinations of pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, brown, light blue, yellow, turquoise, and purple, RG too has mastered the science of chameleon species, particularly in social signaling and in arousing crowds sentiments and emotions.

Ironic but true, that the Congress Party spokesperson invoked janeu-dhari (the one who wears Brahminical thread) lineage mainly to project the “Soft Hindutva” card. In reality, RG was born to Rajiv Gandhy who was the son of Indira Gandhy wife of Jehangir Feroze Gandhy (born to a Parsi mother and a Muslim father). Of course, Sonia Gandhy is a Roman Catholic by birth.

In the past, Subramanian Swamy, the BJP MP, had stirred controversy over RGs lineage: “Who is Rahul Gandhi? Hindu or Catholic? Indian or British? Who is Raul Vinci who operated Barclays Bank account?” In his 2004 Lok Sabha election affidavit, RG produced his education certificate which shows his name as Raul Vinci. So also, his M. Phil certificate from the University of Cambridge.

In his own British Company’s registers, RG had declared that he was a British citizen; and address declared as 51 Southgate Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9EH.

How can the RG, pretending to be ‘Janayu Dharu” Brahmin and Hindu be given the opportunity to reclaim the “Delhi Throne” from Karnataka backyard?


RG must also realize that he is only adding fuel to the “Reservation Issue” based on “Caste Divide” not realizing its backlash in all other states thereby further triggering “Divide in the Hindus” – policy of ‘Divide and Rule” in ruthless pursuit of reclaiming lost power to “Gandhi Dynasty”.

Who is responsible for resorting to the most heinous “policy of divide and rule” – secularism vs. communalism? By pursuing vote bank-cum-pseudo secular vs. communal politics, the Congress Party is squarely responsible for the social divide on horizontally and vertical society. Furthermore, by allowing illegal migrations to engulf India over the past seven decades, India’s social fabric has already undergone a dramatic transformation particularly in the Northeast.

On the external affairs front, RG is blaming Modi and the BJP ‘buckling under pressure’ from China’s aggressive postures as if there have been no past incidents of border confrontations in the past between the two forces on the ground.  In retrospect, the Congress Party is squarely responsible for allowing border disputes to remain unresolved and handing them down to Modi-led BJP government to resolve.

Finally, name calling is yet another low in politics. RG drubbing Modi as “Feku” and invoking  “Jhumla Strike”,  “not chowkidar (watchman)” but a “bhagidar (partner) in Rafale deal” and so on. In reply, Modi and the BJP indulging in “Pappu” and “Naamdar” jibes.

Of course, politicians are also mostly megalomaniac, congenital liars and ego-centric craving consistently for accretion of power, pelf and privileges. Either, they are intellectually dishonest or bankrupt; masters at opportunistic and cynical exploitation of environment for personal aggrandizement. They excel in vendetta, conspiracy, witch hunt and hate-games; and indulge in jingoistic rhetoric exciting emotions and sentiments feeding frenzy that produce polarizing effect on captive audiences. None can be excluded from such behavior.

Also, Politicians excel in destructive criticism for the sake of criticism particularly whilst in opposition. They do not believe in constructive or creative or pragmatic criticism. Politicians say something today; say something diametrically opposite at the drop of a coin as per situational content and context. Politicians promise people to believe in things that don’t exist and offer to make policies as if they were real; but they shift the blame for effective implementation on others. Politicians either delude themselves or insult people’s intelligence by resort to catchy “slogans’.  Politicians justify their dramatic changes or shifts in ideals, ideologies, ethics, morals and values due to dynamic changes in environment.

Let me reiterate that “Negative state of politics plunges nations and societies in permanent or perpetual turmoil and crisis; and institutions defaced and destroyed. In India’s pluralist society, it promotes divisiveness on narrow sectarian lines. Forging consensus is for namesake only. In democracy, political and social gridlock is inevitable – perpetual paralysis. Unity in democracy is, therefore, anathema – with politics dividing society angrily on narrow parochial and sectarian lines.” No need for external enemies to disintegrate India; internal enemies, lurking around every corner, are gnawing away at the vitals of India.

In retrospect, political leaders without exception must always remember that “We the People may be fooled for sometime; but not all can be fooled all the time” – be it Modi or RG” and others like them. Today, even rural people in remote areas are well informed due to mobiles and social media networks. RG must first get his basics correct before pouring political venom against political rival in ruthless pursuit of power to fool gullible people of India.

In sum, “All is fair in love, war and politics” is real. RG’s public utterances clearly reflect his desperation to reclaim power through “Goebbelsian Lies”, resorting to the most heinous “policy of divide and rule” and by denigrating Modi and the BJP.  Hopefully, people of India would opt for a “Leader” to pursue ruthlessly advancement of national security interests with focus on poverty alleviation.