Gnanasagar Subramanyam Vuchi: New Indian prodigy


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“There is no luck in this universe! There is only opportunity; When expertise meets opportunity – That’s good luck” – Grand Master M. Jayanth Reddy.

Gnanasagar Subramanyam Vuchi is a multi-talented young boy who made India proud with his set of achievements in Martial arts and memory Guinness world record.

Earlier in 2007, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam indeed appreciated GnanaSagar for his exceptional memory, for memorisingcountries and capitals, while GnanaSagar was in Rovaniemi, Finland.

In his latest achievement, Master GnanaSagar Subramanyam Vuchi has entered into Guinness World Recordsfor memorizing 52 objects in the sequence in one minute time, breaking all the earlier world records in memory – surpassing all the elderly folks who took this challenge.

With this achievement Gnanasagar holds the world record in memory and this has been officially certified by Guinness World Records this week. The link to the Guinness World Records official site and to the Memory record

Five different witnesses chose ten to eleven objects of their choice so not even they knew what all the objects would look like all laid out.The record is measured by the total number of objects in the correct sequence onecan memorise and then recall.

Who’s this young prodigy?

GnanaSagar is a multi-talented young boy with three Guinness World Records in Martial Arts to his kitty before this Memory Guinness world record.

He is a product of Grand Master M. Jayanth Reddy, who is moulding lot of young and talented people across the globe. GnanaSagar is a 1st DAN Black Belt in Taekwondo under Infinio Taekwondo World, India being mentored by Grand Master M. Jayanth Reddy.

GnanaSagar is currently studying 11th Standard. He scored 95% marks in CBSE X Board exame, thanks to his consistent practice of martial arts under Grand Master. This is a proof that Martial arts helps not only physical but also mental.

Gnanasagar is a science enthusiast, and during his school days, he represented thrice at the National Science Exhibitions which were organized by CBSE. He is also actively working on creating gadgets needed for the martial arts fraternity – especially the digitization of number of kicks, punches and to measure the speed of the punch. He is making use of sensors and multicontrollers for these projects.

GnanaSagar is also a child model and acted in multiple Regional, National and International Advertisements for big brands like Eastern Sambar Masala, Philips and G-Mart (Dubai). He has also been awarded Smart Luk Kid Kochi, Kerala.