Enough of You, Now think of I


(B.Someswar Rao)

Some days ago the governments of Australia and New Zealand have taken a step to make one of the biggest companies of the world, Google, pay for the content its ‘aggregator’ application technology collects from the media in their countries and distributes to its clients.

Google does this by using cookis and algorithms which pick it (aggregates it) from the digitalised media of today. Almost every newspaper electronic editions available on the Internet. All world newspapers have electronic editions and some exist now only in the electronic or digital format with the entire field of print media facing a crisis of existence.

So Google hit back by declaring that from April 1, it will cut 24 percent of the money YouTubers in India get from the YouTube platform that Google owns it. There are quite a few Indians, who have a substantial income from Google, placing on their channels ads pertaining to their interest as evident from the data about what they usually see on the Internet. Google has this information it collects every time you click on Google Search or access any website.

Now, those who earn frim YouTube will have to cough up almost one-forth of their ad earnings to US taxes unless they file statements annually on their earnings and take advantage of India’s treaty with the USA to avoid double taxation. Even then they have to pay taxe on what they get from the US ads. And, they have to pay the Indian Income Tax Department too.

This announcement by Google touched off a orchestrated demands from hundreds on Twitter and other media suggesting tha Indian IT engineers create an alternative to YouTube. Even mames were suggested.

SARKAR MANAS says “Indians are the best in software. We should make our own YouTube such as IndiaTube, government should help in this process. This surely not a difficult thing.Another writes that “Indian big IT companies need to create our own Youtube now.

“SANKARA MENON wrote “…when Indians pay US tax, then Indian tax will be reduced to that extent because of double taxation avoidance treaty. India should also order Google to pay special taxes here also.” He further says, “First they hook you with free service, then make used to the money pouring in…then when you are hopelessly dependent on them …. with no alternative, Then they jackup prices and impose taxes and milk you. ..you shall pay as you have no way out….as evident from Google drive storage limit and fees, then Google photo. .

SRIHARI KARANTH: So Indians now have to pay double tax, one to US and one to India. This is a very bad policy by Google. Hope it sticks to only YouTube and not all Google Adsense revenue.

(Adsense revenue, besides YouTube, can also be earned from WordPress blogs etc.)

This is what happens when we rely on foreign social media platforms. Data
published from India should reside on hardware in India. India should have control over the data and use of the data. This data is an intellectual property of India. Other countries cannot own it. Indian should create an autonomous body to monitor Indian social media.

Koo has come up as alternative to WhatsApp. Will ITube replace YouTube?

For decades India thought of You. It is time to switch over to I.