Election Jamborees – National Unity and Security!


(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)

2017 State Assembly election “Jamboree“ is over except for declaration of results and formation of cabinets by whichever party or pre poll “Ghatabandan” or “post poll coalition” group manages to form the government.

People have sealed the fate of political parties and leaders. Political pundits will ‘hail’ the sagacity of people for the supposedly ‘victory’ of democracy.

After the results are announced, there will be all round jubilation in some parties whereas the defeated parties will sulk.

Of course, the Election Commission’s will self eulogies their performance as unprecedented.

Media, as usual, will be at their best in claiming intellectual excellence in bipartisanship for covering elections and also claim laurels for their expertise in pre and post poll predictions.

Ironic but true, political parties and leaders are least concerned about the unity and integrity of the society and country. Their sole preoccupation is self perpetuation to retain or gain power and status by hook or crook.

Should people deliver a decisive verdict, it augurs well for political stability. Alternatively, if the verdict is fractured or “hung”, they would be squarely responsible for paving the way for political instability.

“Fractured’ verdict results in opportunistic politics. More importantly, it reflects deep and irreconcilable differences of already badly bruised societal divide based on ethnic, caste, communal and class lines.

And, disunity sows the seeds for dysfunctional, divisive and disruptive politics of absurdity.

In the ultimate, the ‘real loser’ will be the “Nation-State”.

Let none suffer from illusion on the count that political leaders and parties by rule are congenital liars. Rare are the species by exception only.  They indulge in jingoistic rhetoric, pompous road shows and huge rallies making tall promises in the full knowledge that they will not be able to fulfill them.

Be that as it may, some so called experts led by media claim the current round to be “Semi Finals” to 2019 Parliament election.  They are absolutely wrong considering “One Week in Politics” can topsy-turvy reputations of political parties and its leaders.

There is no end to “Election Jamborees” in the nation which is traversing on 24×365 modes!

Next on cards for high decibel visual media coverage is the Delhi Municipal Council elections to be held by end March/April. NDMC and Delhi Cantonment Board elections will be held in the second quarter. Already Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister, is on the campaigning mode with his media blitz claiming credit for his administration.

Of course, the schedule of elections in 2018 includes: Gujarat and Himachal in January; Nagaland, Tripura and Meghalaya in March; Karnataka in May; and Mizoram in December. Add to them series of elections to Municipal Corporations, Zilla Parishads, and Panchayat etc.

No end to election jamboree’s even in 2018 before entering the next round of Parliament elections in April-May 2019.

How can ever any society and nation ever survive the murderous onslaught of murky politics 24×365 days in the name of democracy? It is forlorn expectation.

Under such circumstances, it is unfair for people to expect sanity, growth and development!

With political parties and leaders preoccupied with either electioneering or settling scores by disrupting proceedings inside the Parliament and State Assemblies, the scope or prospect  for “Good or Smart Governance” appears quite bleak and dim.

Of course, political leaders are voicing concern over such an absurd state of political affairs in the name of democracy.  Yet, lack of political consensus and will is legendary.

The Election Commission’s will be the first ones to oppose the move of simultaneous elections at least to the Parliament and State Assemblies shifting the blame on Governments inability to provide security besides other administrative paraphernalia.

The sum and substance of “Election Jamboree’s” in perpetual motion is simple. Inevitable fallout is driving a far deeper wedge in the already fractured society which is contra national security interests.