Dynasty Devotees Decry Bhaktas


(B. Someswar Rao)

The Present PM is not son of an ex-PM. He was a mere ‘chaiwala’. But some MPs are now sons of BJP leaders at least in Karnataka. Gandhiji’s sons did not rule India, but Deve Gowda did and so also son – in Karnataka

Those who never raised voice against dynasty rule are greatly now worried at BJP nominating sons or daughters of MPs. It does not matter that they worked in the party for years and did not inherit it as a dynast. Should all doors be closed for one just because the father was a politician?

There are thousands who gave whole life for a party and worked for decades only to be ignored in favour of a leader’s son or daughter. Rajiv before Indira was a pilot, and always chose to be treated as one. When Chandrababu Naidu of TDP was CM first, no one heard of Lokesh, whom he wanted to install in his place. When Dr YSR was CM, Jagan was not known. No one then even saw Lokesh or Jagan. Where was Supriya in NCP earlier? How often did other parties give seats to wife/son/ daughter of dead MPs?  But it is wrong only if it is BJP. Who started the political culture of dynasties that ALL parties now follow, except the Communists and BJP?

H.N. Anantakumar died but his wife Tejaswini did not succeed.  True,Modi has to depend on the fringe elements and extremists in the party, but it is only because others blindly oppose him.  If one defends him one is a Bhakta but those who oppose him just because they are anti-Hindu are great Liberals!

“No one can claim lordship over Hinduism and say his writ has to run large for all others.  My blood pressure is raising,” a friend who hates Hinduism wrote.  He does not remember “Indira is India and India is Indira” slogan. Modi is autocratic but Indira was ‘strong’, an Iron Lady.

Blood pressure or selective amnesia cannot substitute logic. Can anyone condemn Modi for imposing Emergency, jailing people, allowing roads and rail lines to be blocked for namaz and trying to perpetuate a dynasty rule to replace democracy? Do they feel  poor Pappu is fighting for the ‘truth’ that India is an Islamic country and saying killing of lakhs to convert or  destroying ‘useless’  temples and kaafirs‘ idols was good. They think Hinduism came from elsewhere and was imposed on India.

And yet they clap when didi declares her gotraor Rahul is called a ‘janevu-wearing

Brahmin’ thoughhe never had a thread-ceremony performed and has an imaginary gotra. After all they are ‘seculars’ who join hands with Islamic parties.

Allah save them. Ram being ‘imaginary’ cannot.