Donald, Duck as ‘Tamil’ Kamala Blooms in US


(B.Someswar Rao)

The euphoria about Kamala Harris being the grand-daughter of a Tamil Iyengar, resulting in a Tamil tweet by MKStalin congratulating her, is followed by Nagpurians hailing the victory of Joe Biden in the USA as one of his ancestors settled in that central India, is amazing. Obviously, many Indians think that their victory would benefit India.  If this is not crazy, then what else can be?

That the exact opposite could be likely may shock them, but not the Indians in the US, as few of them want to return to India or like this country. Kamala Harris’ understanding of Tamil equals India’s gain from the US Presidential poll.

But Donald won’t duck. Calling people by their first name, without the fancy British honorifics, is a common practice in the United States of America, whether it is a POTUS (President of the United States) or yourprofessor. Rarely are Mr., Sir or Esq. used with names. This led to the joke: Will FBI security men shout ‘Donald Duck’ when they see a gun aimed at the head of the POTUS Donald Trump? The answer does not matter, neither does Donald Duck being a famous Walt Disney cartoon character.  What matters is that Donald Trump, the POTUS at least till Jan. 20, refuses to duck. He had not conceded, at least till this afternoon, the victory of Joe Biden with a record margin in the Presidential race. He becomes one more of the one-time Presidents, like Democrat Jimmy Carter of Georgia. The US allows only two terms for a President.

Donald Trump’s logic, if what he defies can be called that, is like that of the Indian National Congress: If I win, they are fair elections, if I lose they are rigged or the EVMs (electronic voting machines) faulty. They have no explanation as to how their party won in several states in the country and how the ruling party is losing election after election. The United States is ruled by two parties, Trump’s Republicans and Biden’s Democrats, which have an uncanny resemblance to the characters in an English nursery rhyme and in Lewis Carroll’s 1871 book ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ or ‘Alice in Wonderland’, called Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Whichever party wins, the American policies change very little as the parties are there only to share the spoils of victory, while the country continues to be ruled by the gun lobby.

A lot is written about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being Trump’s ‘close friend’ as he was using the first name. The Democrats are more pro-Pakistan and made the US responsible for literally keeping that country alive with liberal aid and arms ostensibly to ‘contain’ China is a known fact. Their recent resolution opposing the abolition of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution giving special status to Kashmir, and keeping silent about Pakistan creating a Gilgit-Baltistan district or throwing Hindu Pandits from the Kashmir valley by the Muslim majority speak volumes for their partisan stand. But, the Indians in the USA were more thrilled by Kamala Harris grandparents being Tamil Iyers and Biden having a relation settled centuries ago  in Nagpur. PIOs (persons of Indian origin) were said to be a major factor in the victory of the Biden-Harris ticket. Biden is aged almost 78, high in USA, but not in India for elected posts. Chances of the 1964-born Kamala (lotus, the poll symbol of BJP) occupying the White House are, therefore,  ranked high.

With a record voter turn-out despite a global pandemic, Joe Biden got 273 electoral votes and had an edge of more than 147,000 votes in the state of Michigan and34,000 votes in Pennsylvania. He led in Georgia State, which has not voted for a Democrat as president since 1992.

Indian media has highlighted the fact that both Trump and Modi were from the Right and that Modi, normally one of the earliest to congratulate a newly-elected head of state, has not greeted Biden, while Pakistan rushed to do so. They conveniently forgot to mention that the result is yet to be formally declared and that Modi showed first-name intimacy was with the US’ first colored President Barrack Obama too. Indian media, which has been predominantly anti-Modi, has been highlighting anti-Trump news almost as much as its American counterpart. Donald Trump’s communiic actions were also responsible for it. But neither country’s media had said which of them, ‘Uncle’ Donald Duck or Donald Trump, was a more funny character.