De-Escalation of Kashmir Crisis


(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)

De-escalation of ongoing Kashmir valley crisis is an imperative not only for maintaining unity, integrity and security of secular India but, more importantly, for the safety, welfare, respect and prosperity of Kashmir Muslims of the valley.

Let none of those stone pelting agitators, separatist leaders and their Pakistan handlers nurture thoughts of liberation of Kashmir valley through “stone pelting” agitations on the streets.

Most importantly, no self respecting nation claiming “emerging super power” status would concede to its self destruction.

Rajnath Singh, Home Minister, stated in unambiguous terms that the future of India rests in Kashmir valley. If Kashmir valley gains “Azadi” or merges with Pakistan, it is like severing the “Head” of modern India.

Let me recount the “falling domino” principle: if one falls, others separatist movements will gain traction with certainty heralding disintegration of modern India.

None of the Indian political parties or their leaders can ever dream of conceding Kashmir valley either Azadi or merge of Kashmir valley with Pakistan.

Forget about the Jammu and Ladakh regions and the Shia dominated Kargil area becoming a part of Kashmir valley.

The earlier the Kashmiri Muslims realize such a reality, the better it is for their safety, security and prosperity. Otherwise, they would be squarely responsible for their own doom.

Ipso facto, the worst sufferers will be the Kashmir mainstream political like the National Conference, the PDP and the Congress Party in the valley and their political leaders. For, separatist leader will hound them out from the valley.

Likes of Omar Abdullah, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Soz, even Shabnam Lone and others will lose their status and wealth in Kashmir valley as betrayers of Kashmiri separatist cause and hounded out.  New Delhi too will strip them outright. So, they too must make a choice.

Undeniably, Indian political parties certainly indulge in cacophony of the most despicable order, but none can provide an all-conclusive solution to bring a peaceful end to the present mess in the valley.

My concern for the so called ‘silent majority’ is simple.  Do they want to remain silent spectators and experience the horrors of Iraq and Syria to happen to them with cities razed to ground and becoming refugees?

For, none of the political parties and leaders would concede to the demand of “Azadi” or secession from India. A full blown out conflict is most disastrous to the people of the valley more than it hurts India.

If China could wage a bitter struggle in Tibet and Xinjiang and Pakistan in FATA region, Baluchistan, Gilgit and POK, surely India can also do it in Kashmir valley.

In retrospect, Kashmiri agitating Muslims are playing with fire today.  First, they must make up their minds. Do they want to jump from the “frying pan into fire”?

Earlier the Kashmiri Muslims realize that they can never ever dream of enjoying freedoms under the Pakistani “Punjabi Musalman and Pathan” authoritarian and feudal rule.

Neither can they stop the wholesale demographic transition in the valley.  Sooner than later, they would proprietary rights over their lands. Article 370 would not be available to them.

In sum, the pursuit of peace – de-escalation of crisis – with self respect based on the principles of Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat and Jammoriyat rests squarely on the shoulders of the stone pelting agitators and their backers in the valley as much as local police, central Para military and military forces.