China scolds NATO for ‘Cold War mentality’


Madrid: China is rebuking NATO for what it calls the alliance’s “Cold War mentality.” The comments came as NATO leaders held a summit in Spain, where they are expected to identify China as a challenge for the alliance.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said NATO should give up the cold war mentality, zero-sum game and the practice of creating enemies, and not try to mess up Asia and the whole world after disrupting Europe.

He accused NATO members of “creating tension and provoking conflicts” by sending warships and aircraft into areas close to the Asian mainland and the South China Sea.

His remarks follow a recent interception of a surveillance aircraft from NATO member Canada by a Chinese fighter in international airspace, which Canadian officials described as reckless on the part of the Chinese pilot.

And U.S. ally Australia on May 26 said China committed a dangerous act of aggression against an Australian air force plane conducting aerial surveillance in the South China Sea.

Zhao also criticised sanctions brought against Russia, whose invasion of Ukraine it has refused to condemn or even describe as an act of aggression.