Cauvery Water Dispute Fallout


(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)

Barbarians of Bengaluru and Chennai!

Kannadigas have crowned themselves with the new title.  Deplorable is the orgy of violence unleashed in Bengaluru by the goons – 50 buses burnt of a private company and over 200 trucks with Tamil Nadu registration numbers, set ablaze.

And the crown of “IT Capital City” has been defaced, mutilated and destroyed beyond recognition. No more, Bengaluru will remain attractive for FDIs. Even “industry flight” is likely.

Both States have descended themselves from the false and misplaced notions of “civilized and cultured” societies into “brutal and barbaric” societies. Stop blaming the UP, Bihar and West Bengal as the “Jungle Raj” states.

“Insane politics” are on grand display on the streets under the patronage of political leaders for scoring brownie electoral points with utter regard to their states brand name or image. None of them can lay claims to “holier than thou” status.

What can one expect from crooks, criminals, corrupt rascals and idiots obsessed with somehow clinging to power, status and wealth? As wily and crooked politicians, they incited and excited people to indulge in orgy of violence. It is a common political ploy today.

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Shame upon you political leaders! Not only you have disgraced the brand image of you societies, but also defaced and mutilated democracy and the rule of law: verdict of the Supreme Court.

First, “Kannadiga Chauvinism” has become the norm today whatever may be the reasons attributed to it. Its violent outbursts had occurred on “Cauvery water” dispute in the past. In the recent past only, they induced the “flight of Northeast” people from Bengaluru. And, Kannadigas have also taken to streets on the Belgaum dispute.

Next, not to blamed to be biased against “Kannadigas”, equally  condemned as “barbarians” are the Tamils for hurling the petrol bombs at the New Woodlands Hotel owned by a Kannadigas in Chennai and the destruction of private vehicles in Rameswharam.

Even “Tamil Chauvinism” is no less potent. Once aroused, there fury will be equally destructive. Both the AIDMK and DMK among others are past masters at it.

By one stroke of “Dance of Violence” both Kannadigas and Tamils opted for “Jungle Raj” status.

If political leaders claim now that they did not have prior intelligence of likely orgy of mob violence on the street, they are bloody fools? And, they are fooling the people at which they are past masters.

Siddaramaiah, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, if he has any sense of shame, probity and propriety must tender resignation of the Cabinet. But, he won’t do it? Writing letters or requesting for additional CPMFs or appealing in the media to the people to restore normalcy is the normal political ploy.

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So, Sonia Ghandy must step in and replace such a crook privy to criminal activity on the streets of Bengaluru and Karnataka. Surely, she can do so by sending her Faithfull’s like Moil or Kharge.

Why is Rahul Ghandy not making a visit to douse the flames of violence on the streets of Bengaluru governed by his party? Is he scared of facing “Black Flags” by the so called fringe elements?

Why is Modi led NDA government invoke the President Rule whatever may be its political costs in the forthcoming elections? Highlighting that policing is the “State Subject” and cannot act unilaterally unless CPMF assistance is requested for is a lame excuse. Surely, intelligence should have been available about the likely outburst of violence.

Where is Arvind Kejriwal, the self styled anarchist, bearing the mask of “Messiah” in the making to resolve the political mess created by the rest.

Where are Sitaram Yechuri and D. Raja of the Left combine? Why are they not rushing into their respective fiefdoms?

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Now, the blame game has started with the “Fat sow or bullfrog’ look alike DGP and the Commissioner of Police for not proactively dealing with the outbreak of violence.

Why only blame them? Instead “Siddaramaiah”, the CM, if he has the guts or courage should dismiss or suspend them for most negligent performance of duties.

What next? It is high time that the Supreme Court should take suo motto notice of the orgy of violence due to opposition to its verdicts, it too must rise to the occasion and recommend the dismissal of the Congress Party rule in the State and admonish Jayalalitha also for avoiding violence Kannadigas properties in Tamil Nadu.

In addition, the Supreme Court must pass the judgment against the States of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to pay compensation to the victims of orgy of violence by unruly mobs including the loss business until they resume normal activity. It must include the pays of those employees of the private enterprise. People of both states must realize that they will pay for their destructive actions.

Let me also submit that even the President of India must assert his supreme authority and summon Modi to initiate stern action.

Viewed holistically, “Water Wars” are a reality. They are the fallout of population explosion and rapid urbanization processes. Lack of political will is phenomenal to tackle the above issues.