Cause of ‘mysterious illness’ cases in Eluru identified


–  Cases Reported : 578

Discharged : 471

Active Cases : 76


Cases transferred : 30

Discharged : 7

Active Cases : 23

Amaravathi: The mysterious illness which shook north coastal district West Godavari headquarters Eluru, finally brought under control by prompt response from none other than state Chief MInister YS Jaganmohan Reddy, who swiftly swung himself into action and directed necessary initiatives by various medical and health departments.  Hundreds of people who fell ill, were ensured to recovery within no time.

State government has pressed into 62 medical teams covering all affected residential areas. Twentyfive ambulances were also deployed in Eluru, besides concluding 2 rounds of household surveys. Interestingly no abnormalities found in the water samples or air, i.e , no traces of lead or pesticides found.

Even, Vegetables, fruits, soil and all other probable sources too being examined.

However, traces of Lead and Nickel found in 25 blood samples out of 45 analysed by AIIMS Delhi. Lead, pesticides along with other probable sources are being looked at. While lead and pesticides continue to be concentrated upon, investigations pertaining to other pathogens, probable sources also being carried out.

Mass Convulsions and the subsequent decrease of lead content in the blood of patients after being admitted indicate that this is a case of acute exposure and not chronic exposure. This was basically means that at this point in time it seems like a 1 time spurt.
Impact limited to Eluru. Even citizens who regularly consume mineral water have been impacted. Culture tests proved negative for all known pathogens.

Thus far, it is not communicable in nature. And, it is mild in nature. There is only single episode of epileptic seizure and revised episodes have not been observed in most of the cases.

The event, however, is not limited to Eluru Municipal area and cases have been reported from Eluru rural Mandal and Denduluru Mandal also, where the source of water supply is not through Municipal Corporation. 1-2 members in a family are affected. Few houses in a locality are affected. No Age group is found to be more prone. People are consuming Mineral water on regular basis have also been affected.

Institutions Involved: Timely intervention of Chief MInister had helped AIIMS of Delhi and Hyderabad’s NIMS to carryout necessary blood sample tests, besides Water and Milk. The Hyderabad-based premier CSIR institute CCMB scientist-turned too engaged in the taste to unravel the mysterious illness. The NIN too stepped in to test food samples.