Bengaluru most favoured city for MBA aspirants: Survey


New Delhi: Bengaluru is the most preferred city in India for MBA, more males apply for the course than females and most of the applicants are from Uttar Pradesh, a survey has revealed.

The survey titled ‘MBA Trends and Analysis, 2018’, with a sample size of 5 lakh MBA aspirants, has been conducted by College search, a website which provides information about higher educational institutes.

According to the survey, Bengaluru tops the list of preferred city for MBA aspirants, followed by Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. Also, most of the applicants are from Uttar Pradesh, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

“Out of the total applications processed, the highest proportion belongs to males,” the study said.

Anirudh Motwani, the Founder and CEO of CollegeSearch said, “The study seeks to examine the mood of candidates across the country towards MBA in general.”

“It also provides answers to many questions that come to the mind of an aspirant, such as the new-age programmes versus the traditional ones, role of demography in shaping the opinion of an aspirant’s choice of institute, background check of an aspirant and most importantly worthiness of the degree compared with the pay package at the end,” Motwani said.

The survey report stated that digital marketing topped the chart of application by females, while over all, finance tops the list of most favoured subject, followed by human resources and marketing.

“Certified courses and PGDHRM are applied highest by females,” it said.