Anarchist Arvind Kejriwal


(M S Shanker)

Call it ironic or unfortunate, people of Delhi seems to have opted for a self-styled anarchist Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Admi Party (AAP) to govern them for a period of five years.

Whether the massive mandate has gone to his head or ‘anarchy’ is in his genes, he chose to develop some sort of aversion towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party.  His politics confined to ‘I am right and rest all wrong, especially the BJP’ is evident from his actions as Chief Minister.

His latest ‘barb or allegation” against Modi, the Prime Minister, ‘to get him killed’ somehow speaks volumes about the character of Arvind Kejriwal. Thus far, he not only established himself as most ‘dubious and devious’, but also ‘mischievous and mysterious’ politician independent India has ever seen.

AK’s sole obsession is quite clear – somehow be the next Prime Minister. God bless India if he becomes the PM of India.

AK by all demonstrated leadership traits is ego centric and diabolical intellectual who will do anything for the sake of gaining power now that he has tasted power for the second time.

To say the least, AK is a crass irresponsible character. How can a Chief Minister of a State level a baseless charge like “to get him killed” against the Prime Minister of the country? If this is not the ‘lowest of low’ of political absurdity of the most heinous order, then what else one can be?

None can blame AK for such gross irresponsibility? What does one expect from a person whose sole obsession is to somehow become the Prime Minister of the country? AK very well knows that if he does not remain relevant in the media on daily basis, he will soon fade into political oblivion since his track record of governance remain quite pedestrian.

For example, AK started with a running feud with Delhi Lieutenant Governor, Najeeb Jung, over a number of issues. Alongside, AK was also involved in a running feud with Delhi Police Commissioner.

In the process, he abandoned the real issue on which he climbed to power “Fight Against Corruption” – the scams of Commonwealth Games over which he cried hoarse against Sheila Dixit, the Congress Party’s former Chief Minister.

To recount, AK climbed the bandwagon of Anna Hazare’s “Fight against Corruption” and abandoned the later’s ideals and fell out with him to achieve his sole political objective.

Now, to him and his party the “fight against corruption” has become a non-issue. This was evident from the day he had a great ‘hug’ with a convict in multi-crore fodder scam and former Bihar Chief Minister Lau Prasad Yadav.  That apart, having opted to support a tainted person as his Chief Secretary (Rajinder Kumar), AK cannot anymore claim to be “Champion Crusader” against corruption.

No longer, AK can also lay claims to represent the “Aam Admi” having moved into palatial bungalows, escorted by security personnel and travelling in a fleet of cars. After all, they are all trappings of inherited monarchial or colonial ways.

AK is also a dramatist of the political absurdity. No more, he dons the cap of “AAP” except when he goes around on agitation mode for photo opportunity to fool the gullible people on the streets.

Now, AK has made moves to claim the leadership mantle of “champion of the Dalits” having rushed to University of Hyderabad to express his solidarity with the Dalit students over Rohit Vemula’s suicide and the latest to Una in Gujarat.

To hog media limelight on daily basis, AK’s latest criticism of Modi on his Pakistan and J & K policy exposes his intellectual bankruptcy in foreign affairs. Surely, he should realize that such statements would only provide or boost the arguments of Pakistan and its supporters.

AK has ‘good’ articulate team of spokespersons headed by former journalists like Ashutosh, and Ashish Khetan ably supported by Kumar Vishwas, Manish Sisodia, Sanjay Singh, Atishi Marlena, and Rahgav Chadda. They all dramatics of the ‘most voluble order’ and their sole job are to deride Modi and the BJP 24 x 7 & 365 days. Even the change in their dress and behavior no more represent the “Aam Admi”.

Now, AK is scouting for admission of disgruntled and frustrated rebels from all parties whose sole obsession is to somehow grab power and status as political leaders and access to wealth and stardom.

AK may claim to be an intellectual par excellence due to his IIT qualifications. But, his intellect in pursuit of Prime Ministerial aspirations or ambitions has turned him into a diabolical autocrat who may even become “internal security threat from within” in making in days to come, if he is not restrained.

Anyone challenging his autocratic style is simply shown the door like Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, the founding members of AAP. The fate of Alka Lamba and Shazia Ilmi is well known.

Of course, Gopal Rai, the Transport Minister, had to resign due to corruption charges. And, he still has Somnath Bharti as his mascot.

Just as Donald Trump in the USA as a supremacist, is being labeled as a “threat to democracy” in the US, so also AK appears to be traversing the same course!  That’s a reality and hope people of Punjab will not fall into AK’s trap as did by their Delhi neighbors.