Alluri Sriram, Telugu’s pride twinkle star in world’s rock music


(MS Sparsha)

In a fast growing world of social media, fame and independence to launch a career in almost anything, music seems to be the eyecatcher of all.  

One such Indian artist who gained popularity from his western music with a twist of Telugu lyrics is Alluri Sreeram. 

He is set to rock and enthrall youngsters in city (Hyderabad) tomorrow, December 13, at Heart Cup Coffee and the next day in Bengaluru at Humming Tree.

Sreeram performed live before a captive audience while releasing his new albus, which will be made available world over in 2018, at a star hotel on Monday.  The show was exclusively arranged for the media.

Says Sreeram; “Great music is made everywhere in the world. Language is no barrier when you hear a song that offers some emotional or melodic connection.  It is always a great pride to perform live in my city where I belong to.”

Yes, he is the first known Telugu musician, who earned international recognition through his rock albums.  After his live performance at the Islington in London, the a loding music media publication in UK called his sound a musical brandchild of ‘Arcade Fire and Ennio Morricone.’

If Aracade Fire and Ennio Marricone had a musical child, then Alluri’s triumphant and euphoric tunes are probly what it would sould like (

According to him manager Stephen Budd, “Alluri is an extraordinary talent writing both the music and the lyrics that create a special emotion.  And to us here in Europe the sounds he makes have a special appeal.  Singing in a language few in Europe understand, it’s an interesting challenge that artists like Sigur Ros (Iceland) and Songhoy Blues (Mali) have succeeded in reaching an auddience due to the strength of their melody and passon of their performance. I think Alluri has the potential to do that too.”

Born and brought up in City of Minarettes in India, now residing in London, Alluri Sreeram is difficult to categorise.  Clasical music was absorbed in his teens then he learnt guitar whilst listening to acts like Doves and Morrissey during his UK studies.

Now working between India, the UK and Italy, he has teamed up with Muse producer/mixer Tommasso Colliva and Italian musician Massimo Martelotta, from cult ‘cinematic Italo-funk’ based Calibro 35 (who recently collaborated with Jay Z) for this powerful and unique music sung in Telugu.

Alluri Sreeram’s debut album “Man of Truch” recorded at Brighton’s Eectric Studios in UK in 2016 received critical acclaim from leading Music magazines like ‘Q’ which gave a 4 star rating to the album, following the album’s significant success.  He then, went ahead o record the single “Evari Kosam’ (for whose sake), which was released on prominent independent record label ‘Killing Moon.”

In July 2017, Alluri Sreeram brought his band to perform in London and also at The Cambridge Folk Festical.  This December has been extremely busy month to him as he peformed a sensational set at the prestigious Transmusicales Festival in France on December 7 and within two days, on December 9, in Pune in India – the NH7 Weekender Festival.