AICC secretaries meet disgruntled MLAs


Bengaluru: In an effort to pacify party legislators disgruntled over denial of ministerial berths in the coalition government, two AICC Secretaries today met Congress MLAs here and heard their grievances.

AICC secretaries Manickam Tagore and Vishnunath met about 10 MLAs at senior Congress leader H K Patil’s residence for about six hours, where legislators are said to have conveyed their feelings.

“Today the two AICC secretaries came and discussedwith us… a few more MLAs those who were not in the city have to meet them. Tomorrow they are likely to talk to them also,” Patil told PTI.

He said the meeting lasted for about six hours. After tomorrow’s discussions, the AICC secretaries would inform the decision makers of what was discussed, he said.

There is growing discontent among newly electedCongress lawmakers who were left out during the Cabinetexpansion, with many openly expressing dissatisfaction andholding separate meetings.

The disquiet that had come out in the open soon after the cabinet expansion last week has considerably gone silent in the last two days, following efforts by the party leadership to pacify upset MLAs.

Asked what he has he decided or asked for, Patil,without revealing much, said “the discussion itself is halfcomplete, let it be over.”

During the weekend, Patil had visited his constituencyin Gadag, where his supporters have been demandingMinistership for him.

Recently another party MLA and former Minister M B Patil, who has emerged as the leader of a group of dissident MLAs, was called to Delhi, where he met Congress President Rahul Gandhi.