Maharashtra – A Political Joke


(B. Someswar Rao)

THE MAHARASHTRA GOVERNMENT formation  was in limbo for many days after the election results of the hung Assembly were announced. The drama ended with Devendra Fadnavis being  sworn in again as the Chief Minister.

The surprise result led to jokes and  many  a ‘meme’ on social media. Sharad Pawar who quit the Congressnto form  the NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) because a foreigner headed the INC  wanted to join hands with the same Italian-born dynasty ‘inheriter’ heading it, plus the ‘communal’ Bharatiya Janata Party’s partner and more communal Shiv Sena.

It was when Sharad Paward became Maharashtra Chife Minister, a post occupied first by “apar Shivaji’ Yashwantrao Chavan (who considered Sradad his ‘Manas putra’ – a son by thought – as he was childless) that Shiv Sena was born and nurtured to grow into a Frankenstein’s ghost.

It is popularly believed that SS was propped up  by Sharad Pawar himself just as Indira Gandhi created Bhindranwale and Rajiv Gandhi the LTTE in Sri Lanka.  

But ‘mota bhai’ Amit Shah beat the SS-NCP-INC combine at their own game.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi revoked the President’s rule in the state at 5.47 in the morning using his special powers without even a cabinet meeting. His protege Devendra Fadnavis of Nagpur was swron-in a few hours later, with Sharad Pawar’s own nephew Ajit Pawar, the accused in many scandals, as the Deputy CM.

The jokes were about Sharad  Pawar deliberately stalling talks with SS to allow his nephew and former protege Ajit to bargain with BJP and the Sena’s daily attacks on BJP  wnile sharing power with it. The Congress which backed the party that had the LEAST number of seats to rule Karnataka, is itself a political joke played on the people of India.

Obviously the three parties have no  hapolitical idealogies.The Sviv Sena is  a party of extortionists who believe they can beat jup anyone whom Bal Thackery, then his son Uddhav and now his grandson Aaditya oppose. NCP is headed by Pawar who  will be succeeded by daughter Supriya Sule and had his nephew Ajit as CM. And INC believes Indira Gandhi’s descendents alone can rule India.

So all three share a comon ideology of Dynasty rule. And BJP is no more a ‘party of principles’. It believes more in electoral compulsions and political ground realities than in being “a party with a diffeence.”

A joke doing the rounds is:  “Gurvinder, Satinder, Maninder, and Harjinder were going around town in a new BMW when a Nano driven by an old man brushed their car.
All four of them came out to have a fight with the old men.

“The old man said, ‘aap log jawaan ho aur chaar hon (You afe found youths)… This is not a fair fight.’ So the Sikh sense of fairplay prevailed.

“It was decided that Gurvinder and Satinder will team with the old man and fight Maninder and Harjinder. The old man says, “but this too is not fair. Now we are three but the other side has only two.”

“So Gurvinder says, ‘Uncle, aap ghar jao. (you go home).,,.Hum dekh lenge in saalon ko’    (we will handle these scoundrels)!!🤔🙄☺😃😂

By the way, the old man is Sharad Pawar,”  the joke adds.

To this a reader responded: “Great, they did not cut the old man into two to make both sides equal at 2.5 each. Uddhav would have done just that.

Uddhav’s only claim to power is that he is the late Balasaheb’s son. The Shiv Sena has no members, only devotees who insisted  Bal Thackerey be called  ‘Hindu Hriday Samarat, Poojya Shri Balasaheb’ even when he was being asked questions at a Press conference. Scores of them would come to his Press confefences to intimidate journalists and ensure that they asked only convenient questions.

Another joke says: if Uddhav’s name is split  ‘Ud’ means ‘fly (away)’  and ‘dhav’ in Marathi (his  own language)  means ‘run’. Whether he will fly or run away remains to be seen. But he did run to the Supreme Court.

Will Indian democracy turn into a joke — on the people?