Why only Indian’s in U.S. targeted? Why not Chinese?


(MS Shanker)

White supremacists have been emboldened to launch racist attacks particularly against Indian? Why the choice on Indians? Why not the Chinese who are on a buying spree on American firms and properties? Also, Chinese constitute 30% of H1B Visa applicants.

The reason is simple. The White supremacists dare not launch racist attacks on Chinese. They are scared of a backlash.

So also, they dare not target the Islamists radicals in the garb of refugees and domestic Islamist lone wolves among them out of fear of deadly terrorist strike against their highly vulnerable targets.

White supremacists are the deadliest and most despicable specimens of human beings.  They forget that they too are migrants from Europe. And, they hunted the native “Red Indians” like animals and killed them mercilessly.

And, they even brutally treated the African slaves that ultimately ended serfdom after the American War of Independence.

Inspire and enabled by Trump’s election as President, they are doing what they are known for their best – brutal human rights record against easy preys, that is, Hindu/Sikh peace loving Indians.

After all, Indian intellectuals are contributing immensely to the U.S. academic and research institutions thereby enabling the U.S. to retain technology super power status.

In contrast, Chinese have already pirated away significant technology discoveries from the U.S.

Unless the Indian communities, particularly Hindu and Sikh communities, rally together and carryout a intellectual barrage to drive sense to white supremacists, they are bound to lose whatever respect and support India has for them.

White supremacists must remember the key role India is likely to play to tilt the balance of power between the U.S., Russia, China and the Muslim world.