Wake up call for dream merchants   

(Valentine Wilson)

The heart bleeds for Hyderabad.   What a despicable state this City of gardens and lakes has come too.  The recent rains has exposed the administration’s lackadaisical attitude and its sheer apathy towards the denizens.

The Telangana Rashtriya Samithi had promised to develop Hyderabad into an international metro on the lines of Singapore or Instanbul,  but those who went on so called study tours abroad had only enjoyed themselves and are yet to share the knowledge or expertise with the people. The intentions are good but  where is the execution of ideas.
Hyderabad on the whole has gone from bad to worse.  Once known as a growing metropolis, Hyderabad has now descended to the pits literally.  All plans have been like pipe dreams!!
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The drainage network laid by the then Nizam was unique in itself and one of the best in Asia, at a time when the twin cities was expanding.  The nallas were huge  draining out rain water in a jiffy.  But little was done to improve the network over so many decades. With skyscrapers and gated communities mushrooming left right and centre, the pressure on the drainage system has been immense.
What has compounded the disaster that was inflicted on this City,  is that most of these nallas have been occupied by illegal constructions.  Some of the flooding that took place could have been avoided had pre monsoon desilting and cleaning of the nallas had to be done.
Thank God,  the powers that be have woken up from their slumber and have been making stupid noises that the inundation in low lying areas is because of land encroachments on the periphery and in some places  on the lake bed itself.
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Haphazard planning,  official apathy and glaring corruption has skewed up the whole City.   These politicians who are talking gibberish should know that they are not revealing anything new.
The truth one wants to know is how these nallas and kuntas were allowed
 to be encroached and solid structures were allowed to flourish.  According to the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said the other day that 28000 illegal buildings will be demolished,
There are local corporators and MLAs involved and Empty promises wont work.  People want action and delivery.  Water is still stagnant at many places.  Many houses too have remained under water. The nallas are still bringing heavy flood waters.
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Atleast our leaders have become wiser after this catastrophy that was faced once before in the early 20th century.  But of late a small rain is enough to set off the alarm bells.  The homeless, daily wage earners are the worst hit.
At a time when the TRS Government is dreaming of making Hyderabad a world class city, there is a need for more flyovers.  The Metro rail project is going at a snails pace.  The Metro chief had jitters when the TRS Government had come to power.
One expected that the works would speed up but the schedules have never been met.  The debris left on the roads are also responsibility for flooding on the roads. Now we dont know when the hell the metro-rail will be completed.
Come on KTR or whoever is in-charge, give a strong ultimatum to HMR chief Mr. NVS Reddy to pick up speed or else pack up.  It has goddamn taken ages now.
Once the Metro is over, it will add more responsibility and more precaution needs to be taken in terms of water entering the stations, parking mafia, anti social elements setting up shops nearby and other problems and issues.
There is a need to foresee the negatives and correct measures have to be taken.   It will be  unrewarding if the Government wakes up when some problem take place.
Better late than never.  Restore Hyderabad’s pride.  Wake up, stop dreaming.