Vinn Hospital choses Golf game as new initiative to promote health awareness


Hyderabad: A city-based newly established Vinn Hospital is organizing an amateur Gold tournment here at the Hyderabad Gold Club with the sole objective to promote health awareness among people.

“Some sports like Golf, which involves long walks, indeed help fine some remedial exercises to combat problematic diseases like diabetes and hypertension,” said the Chairman of the Hospital, Nagender Pampati. He said the game Golf is no more richman’s passtime sport, but opened up opportunities for aad admi too to take part.  “It keeps you physically fit and proved to be an excellent exercise”, he added.

Briefing about the tournament, which will begin on December 23rd, he said more than 200 amateur golfers from Hospital will be taking part in the first edition, alongwith 16 golfers from Himalayan state Nepal.  Interesting feature of the tournament is also of two women golfers competing in the tournment, on each representing from India and Nepal.

Nagender Pampati also announced that the tournament is going to be an annual feature hereafter as the Vinn Hospitals is committed to promote health awareness through the game of Golf.

According to him, the tournament is part of Vinn Hospitals various initiatives to combine sport and wellness, which form integral part of the organization’s Corporate vision.

“We plan to focus on more sporting activities in the future and also want to ensure a healthy lifestyles with adequate focus on hobbies be it spots or any other initiative,” he added.