Tushar Arothe resigns as Indian women’s cricket coach after players’ revolt


(Online Desk)

What do India cricketers do when they don’t find the coach’s methods acceptable? They get him replaced. After Anil Kumble resigned last year as coach of the men’s team following differences with Virat Kohli, the women’s team saw Tushar Arothe step down on Tuesday.

Although the official explanation is that Arothe left citing personal reasons, it is understood that he and the players were not on the same page.

There were differences of opinion about the training schedule. Discontent was growing and the coach left before things became unmanageable.

The former Baroda all-rounder had identified lack of fitness as a problem and expected players to work accordingly.

He wanted two sessions, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The players, on the other hand, wanted one long session.

“I hold no grudge against any player. But only if a player gets out of the comfort zone she can achieve something. If you are looking to win the World Cup or go higher in rankings, there will be hurdles. If you are not willing do that, it’s not a good thing,” Arothe said.

“I’ll be at the National Cricket Academy, training women players. I hope they do well against Sri Lanka in September and in the T20 World Cup.”

However, the players seemed to have looked at the situation differently. It is understood that they even complained to the Committee of Administrators (CoA) about Arothe’s ways.