Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Third-party app developers could be reading your Gmail

Third-party app developers could be reading your Gmail

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Last summer, Google promised to stop scanning your Gmail for keywords that helped them target advertising. However, as The Wall Street Journalpoints out, Google still allows third-party app developers to scan your inbox.

This happens after a user grants them access, but raises questions about whether or not people understand what kind of permission they’re giving, and who they’re giving it to.

According to the report, companies like Return Path Inc., which collects marketing data from people who sign up for one of the company’s free apps, can scan and analyze about 100 million emails each day.

The WSJalso says that while computers do most of this work, human employees read about 8,000 emails to help train the software. It’s not just one company, either. Employees of Edison Software apparently reviewed the emails of hundreds of its users to make a new feature for its mobile app that reads and organizes your email.