Telangana’s urban population surpasses national average


New Delhi: The urban population in Telangana is rapidly increasing and it has surpassed the national average too. About 21 per cent of the State’s population was in urban areas in 1971, as against the national urban population of 18 per cent.

However, there was a steep rise in urban population by 1981 to 25.3 per cent mainly due to increase in population in Hyderabad. Further, there has been a substantial jump in urban population during the period 2001 to 2011, from 31.8 per cent to 38.9 per cent.

Thus, the growth in urban population in the state is much higher than all India.

As per 2011 census, 1.36 crore, i.e., 38.9 per cent of the State’s total population of 3.5 crore, lives in urban areas. Temporal analysis of urbanisation in Telangana reveals that there has been continuous increase in the proportion of urban population in India.

According to Census 2011, about 31.2 per cent of the country’s total population lives in urban areas. State-wise comparison of urban population in India reveals that out of 29 states, 11 have urban population higher than the national average of 31.2 per cent.

Telangana, with 38.9 per cent urban population, stands seventh in terms of urbanisation in the country, according to the Socio-Economic Outlook -2018 tabled in the State Legislative Assembly on Thursday.

Distribution of urban population across Telangana reveals that, about 20 per cent of the State population is concentrated in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation area. The Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation has been another fast-urbanising geographical area in the state.

At present, GWMC accounts for about two per cent of the state’s total population. Warangal, being a historical city and located in a central point, well-connected by rail network and other transportation means, the city and its adjoining urban agglomeration is growing fast, with increased economic activities, the survey stated.

Another emerging urban agglomeration has been around the Ramagundam Municipal Corporation. The region has vast deposits of coal. Mineral-based and ancillary industries are coming up in and around Ramagundam, Godavarikhani and Mancherial. Public sector undertakings of the State and Centre viz., SCCL, and National Thermal Power Corporation, are located in this area and provide added advantages for industrial development in this region.