TDP not to severe relations with BJP


(Online Desk)

The Telugu Desam Party  (TDP), a part of the ruling NDA, has decided not sever ties with the BJP, for now.

Yes, it want to put on hold the threat, but will not hestitate do so at appropriate time.

A decision to this effect was taken after the party supremo and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, held a meeting with party MPs.

“We have unanimously decided to “fight internally” to ensure the state’s interests are affected as it desperately need Central assistance for construction of the capital city Amaravati as well projects like Polavaram projects,” said Union Minister and Parliamentary Party chief Y S Chowdary.

He said the party chose to downplay reports of a possible break-up with the BJP, terming them as mere “speculation.” He said the meeting discussed the “deep dissatisfaction” among the people over the paltry allocations to the State in the Union Budget.

“We will continue to put pressure on the Centre. We will raise the matter in Parliament and stage protests on the floor of the House if needed. We hope it will not come to that. They (BJP leadership) are in touch with our party president. We hope our concerns will be addressed. We will meet again after the Budget session to decide the future course of action,” he explained.

Asked if the party has set any deadline for the Centre to respond, he replied in the negative. He also revealed that BJP chief Amit Shah had been trying to speak to Naidu.