TDP MLA injured in a attack by YSRCP supporters


Kurnool: Tension prevailed in Khaggal village after TDP’s Mantralayam candidate Thikka Reddy was injured after a scuffle with a YSRC MLA.

As part of his poll campaign, Thikka Reddy along with his followers visited Khaggal village on Saturday and hoisted the party flag. At the same time, followers of YSRC MLA Y Bala Nagi Reddy led by his nephew Pradeep Reddy rushed there objecting to TDP’s election campaign.

Khaggal and another 15 villages in Mantralayam have always remained loyal to Bala Nagi Reddy.

Thikka Reddy’s men reportedly made provocative comments against Bala Nagi Reddy and his men. Both the groups confronted one another and a heated verbal exchange took place, which escalated to a fistfight.

With the situation slipping out of hand, one of Thikka Reddy’s gunmen opened fire to disperse the mob. However, in the melee, he was jostled and the bullet accidentally hit Thikka Reddy and Madhavaram ASI Venugopal in their legs.

The injured TDP candidate was rushed to the government hospital in Yemmiganur while ASI Venugopal was taken to a hospital in Adoni. Later, they both were shifted to Government Hospital in Kurnool for better treatment.

Meanwhile, additional forces were rushed to Khaggal to control the situation and prevent any untoward incidents.