Suraj – A Rising Star In US Politics

Indianapolis: An entrepreneur by profession Suraj Patel has decided to add another chapter to his envious career by taking a plunge into politics and set to become a candidate for Congress from New York’s 12th District.
As part of that exercise, a fund raising dinner was organized and that was well attended mostly by established Indian American businessmen at Embassy Suites by Hilton Indianapolis, North. It was hosted by Bharat Patel, Ajay Ponugoti, Situ Mistry and Raju Chinthala.
Suraj Patel was showered with blessings, full support, encouragement and wishing luck good etc.
As a politician, his motive is to fight on behalf of the people for them. “It will be the hardest year of my life,” said young and energetic Congress candidate.
“This country gave us opportunity, took your family, my family. One thing about Indians  is we care about our family and our community. America is now our community.”
“We should make sure. Hard work, not excess, is the biggest determination of our worth in this country,” said Suraj who had his primary education in Beech Grove High School, Indianapolis.
Only eight percent of New Yorik voters participated in the 2016 Congressional Primary. ” ‘Rising” Suraj says “with new voices, new ideas, and new energy we can build a new electorate.”
Instead of blaming the voters, Suraj Patel who is the President of Sun Companies, a national real estate company, emphasized that “instead of blaming them, we should blame oursevles for this situation. We should have better and inspiring stories and we should engage them where they are. Every single person matters.”
Suraj Patel teaches Business Ethics @NYUStern.  Holder of Masters Degree in Public Policy from Cambridge University, Suraj Patel has served on both Obama for America presidential campaigns.  He is a graduate of Stanford University and holds a law degree from New York University. Suraj is second generation Indian born in USA.