Stop Shedding Crocodile Tears!


(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)

Political ‘B”s of all political parties must stop shedding “crocodile tears” over the issue of OROP for ex-servicemen pending since the last 43 years.

First, Manohar Parrikar, the Defense Minister, must make public the one-man recommendatory committee’s report without prevarication and procrastination to buy time to push under the carpet.

Second, Parrikar, instead of highlighting that few glitches remain to be sorted out to fool all alike, must at least announce all those issues where they have reached consensus with the demands of ex-servicemen.

Third, Parrikar must sort out even the glitches amicably with the representatives of ex-servicemen and announce the consensus reached before the commencement of the “Winter Session” of the Parliament.

If he fails to do so, surely the opposition parties are bound to “Take the Pants of the BJP and its allies” (to put it mildly in army jargon) during the forthcoming parliament session. Even a fool can predict such an impasse deliberately created to sway and stir the emotions and sentiments of the soldiers, ex-soldiers, widows and their families against the BJP and give electoral drubbing in the forthcoming elections in Punjab and the U.P.

If the combined opposition political parties are genuinely interested in the morale and welfare of army personnel, they must unequivocally ratify and pass all the demands of veterans and serving soldiers.

Until then, all political parties without exception have no right to project themselves as the champions of the issues raised by armed forces personnel and talk about their morale.
Stop shedding “Crocodile Tears” over the issue of suicide of a former veteran.

My simple question to all of them is – has anyone asked a question about suicides by serving soldiers on the line of duty and politicized their causes in the past year after year. How many political “B’s have declared them as martyrs and attended their funerals? Surely, such cases too deserved notice.

Also, it is intellectually stupid and bankrupt to glamorize the person committing suicide as a “martyr”. Such a privileged position squarely deserves to those dying in the battlefield due to enemy action please.

However, the death of any person due to unnatural reasons is also condemnable and sympathies must rest with their beloved families.

In retrospect, the real issue is financial burden. If Parrikar, with intellectual credentials of a former IIT professional, can resolve the issue by weeding out the bludgeoning civilian component (over 5 lakh personnel) inherited from the British colonial eras and accumulated over the past 69 years.

When even China has carryout ruthlessly modernization through downsizing of forces levels in numbers despite facing a “seven front” threat, why is Parrikar ‘pussyfooting’ the issue?

By doing so, he can at least overcome the existing anamolies of serving soldiers at least equating the “compensatory allowances” of serving soldier on Siachen Glacier with civilian counterparts serving in the Assam valley, if not providing a substantial edge.

Hardly, the numbers involved and the quantum of financial commitment is almost negligible.
Wake up Pannikar Saheb? You too cannot fool the soldiers any more. By your dithering under whatever compulsions they may be, you are paving the way for self destruction of Modi and the BJP!

“Stopping shedding Crocodile Tears” for photo opportunities to gain electoral advantage!