Roads to HELL


(Valentine Wilson)     

The Telangana Rashtriya  Samithi seems to have got their priorities mixed up. Instead of repairing the roads, that were damaged during those two weeks of rains in September,  they are foccussed on the new Secretariat.

Damn the Secretariat.  Who cares? When there is not a single motorable road and  the top priority of the Government should have been to relay the roads.   Promises are easy to make, but difficult to fullfil.  Whatever happened to the rubberised and white topped roads.   They tried on a few patches, but now there is a defeaning lull.  Temporary spit and polish works wont do.  Concrete steps have to be taken.  The contractors have made hay.  Now the authorities seem to have woken up and are seriously considering making the contractors accountable.
The potholes on most of the roads resemble  lunar craters. So many people have lost their lives because of the potholes but the GHMC  is looking the other way.  The Government and GHMC should first relay all the main thoroughfares, without disturbing  the flow of traffic which will be a really tough proposition.   They should work only in the nights.
The contractors will have to be made accountable.   It is a well known fact that a lot of money changes hands before the tenders are officially given to a contractor.  If this continues even now one can imagine the state of the roads once they are relaid.  Next monsoon it will be the same story.
If  the condition of the main roads are in such a deplorable state, the lanes and byelanes are the pits, so to say.   The traffic volume has exploded in the past few years, with more four wheelers being added to the flow.   Even the cement roads have worn out badly and they need quick repairs.
The TRS Government has been working on the other promises, but they are straying away from this basic requirement of good motorable roads. They are working on the farm, IT, power and water sectors and they are doing well on these avenues. They should not take the people’s aspirations for granted.
What has compounded the scenario is the dust that is generated by passing vehicles.   With pollution levels on the rise, this dust is causing a lot of allergies to people.  Back pain in most vehicle user is a common factor these days.
A lot of places have been turned into one way adding to the fuel bill of the vehicle users.  Some of the roads inside some colonies have been dug up for laying huge pipes for Godavari drinking water months ago.  The conditions of the roads are worst.  The least said the better.
The metro rail links are taking ages.  The debris and road blocks it has caused is borne without a murmur by the citizens.   The VIPs are not bothered as they get priority while going on the road. The metro also has to be accelerated.
Every time there is some glimmer of protest. the Metro authorities run to the press with some “soothing” news.