Rahul Ghandy’s 3 Questions on Pulawama – Exposes his Stupdity?


(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)

Rahul Ghandy has asked 3 questions on Pulwama attack: 1) Who benefited from the attack?; 2) What is the outcome of inquiry into the attack?; and 3) Who in the BJP Govt has yet been held accountable for the security lapses that allowed the attack?

On usual scripted lines, media like the CNN with Anchor Bhupendra Chaubey in the lead has gone around the Khan Market and attempted to muddy the matter more than lending clarity. Others like NDTV Anchors and Editor Rajdeep Sardesai – the know alls – are also on overdirve.

Let me directly challenge the CNN and other Editorial Boards to conduct debates on all reverses in the past since 1947.

Can the CNN media editor conduct debates on the following  questions: 1) Who is responsible for the humiliating debacle of 1962 War? Why are the media houses silent on the issue?

2) Who is responsible for the murder of Indira Ghandy? Who is responsible and held accountable for the lapse? Did the Congress Party exploited her killing politically to its advantage?

3) Who is responsible for the murder of Rajiv Ghandy? Did the Congress Party politically take advantage of the incident?

4) Who is responsible for the IPKF disaster in Sri Lanka? How many soldiers were killed in ambushes? Has anyone been held accountable politically for the above military misadventure?

5) Who is responsible for the Mumbai blasts in 1993 and terror attack in 2008? Has anyone been politically held responsible and accountable till date?

One can add many more incidents where soldiers have been martyred in the Northeast and also countering the Naxals.

Why are the CNN editor and also other media houses raking up the Pulwama attack and attempting to justify Rahul Ghandy’s political statement to malign Modi and the BJP?

Let some of the media so called investigative editors be sent to J & K and asked to be Advisors to the Intelligence agencies responsible and accountable for each and every single incident.

For any incident that results in casualties to soldiers, their heads must be rolled as “Advisors”.  It is the only way to bring about sanity in the media instead of indulging in endless cacophony.

Having served in counter insurgency operations not only in Nagaland-Manipur-Assam, IPKF and J & K, let me assure my civilian brethren of Khan Market, Delhi besides all editors of news channels, do not expose your ignorance of military affairs.

A determine suicide bomber can breakthrough all barriers and strike at the target  at the time of his own choosing and place. The best of intelligence agencies will not be able to forewarn such threats.

Look at the American soldiers getting killed in Afghanistan and elsewhere ever after having the best intelligence agencies and means.

The President is certainly not accountable for security lapses in battlefields. It is part of wars and violence.

For incidents that result in casualties on the ground, the reasons are mostly due to actionable intelligence failures or operational shortcomings. And, all of them fall in the domain of commanders at functional level and also due to constraints under which they are compelled to operate.

Instead of praising the security forces for gallantly countering militancy and terrorism, it is absolute stupidity on the past of media houses to conduct debates soliciting views from intellectuyally bankrupt audiences or analysts with least knowledge of wars and violence.

Finally, Rahul Ghandy cannot reclaim political relevance based on raking up such issues through twitter. Instead, he and his cronies must raise issues in the Parliament and Standing Committees and participate in constructive criticism instead of just blaming the ruling party all the while.