Pretty Vile Girl’: A tale from Bollywood and beyond


New Delhi: Everything she touched turned to gold, everything she said turned to scandal and everyone she wanted out of the way died: this is the story of Jazmeen, Bollywood’s most in-demand starlet.

Rickie Khosla’s debut novel “Pretty Vile Girl” follows Jazmeen’s journey from her loving family to an orphanage run by a sadistic matron, from the fringes of the Mumbai underworld to the casting couches of Bollywood and beyond.

She in a relationship with one of the country’s most powerful politicians and even though she’s known for her outrageous candour in interviews, no one could guess at the dark secret she’s carried for years.

The book, published by Bloomsbury, tells about the grit and determination of Jazmeen who’ll do anything to settle scores and get what she wants.