Political Gimmickry – Hypocrisy of Opposition Parties


(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)

Political gimmickry is on grand display by opposition political parties with each one attempting to outsmart the other in embarrassing Modi led NDA government.

Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of Bengal and a cult figure of Bengal, ably supported by Derek O’Brien in the Rajya Sabha is spearheading high decibel political gimmickry onslaught on India. She is known for her theatrics and histrionics. Of course, she thrives on media coverage depicting her in the image of “Durga”.

Mamata Banerjee, maverick and quite unpredictable, excels in acerbic rhetoric. Arvind Kejriwal has joined hands with her; but no patch before her. Mayawati is yet another seasoned warrior. Rahul Ghandy, despite best efforts, is nowhere near them. Somehow, all of them are hell bent upon wiping out Modi and the BJP into political oblivion.

Mamata Banerjee significant features or qualifications are very well known – outstanding political gimmickry. She is a hypocrite of exceptional order. Taking to streets of Kolkatta comes naturally to her to demonstrate her peoples following.

All other political leaders pale into insignificance before Mamata hypocritical theatrics. Her latest outbursts of street rage clearly reflect her political idiocy.

Mamata Banerjee’s histrionic mannerisms can sway emotions and sentiments of the crowd. Her rabble rousing speeches stir up emotions, consolidate prejudices and passions against rivals. She can sting her opponents with sarcastic, abusive, vicious and virulent vitriolic. She is good at invoking all tricks to obscure, exaggerate and falsify truth; and attract attention of the media and publicity to gain votes.

A brief look at her recent behavior comprehensively reflects her characteristics. First, she expressed anger and rage over demonetization move accompanied by withdrawal of demonetization knowing very well that Modi has taken a very bold and decisive step to cleanse the corrupt system.

Next, Mamata Banerjee gave a clarion call for “Bharat Bandh” which failed to rally opposition political parties under her banner at Jantar Mantar and elicit people’s aggressive participation.

Thereafter, Mamata Banerjee alleged “conspiracy to eliminate her” by her rivals when her return flight to Kolkatta was kept on hold due to due to congestion at the Kolkata airport.
The latest is her totally unsubstantiated allegation of military coup and civil war besides army personnel extorting money at the Toll Plaza thereby denigrating armed forces.
However, her gimmicks and theatrics stand exposed. The Director of Kolkata airport Atul

Dixit stated “The flight was short on fuel for holding. While holding time was 13 minutes, the flight had fuel for 8 minutes. But additional fuel for diversion to nearest destination was available in the aircraft. Laid down procedures were followed and it was a safe landing.” The airline in question also released a statement categorically clarifying that the flight, along with two other flights, were kept on hold.

So also, Major General Sunil Yadav, GOC Bengal Area, stated “Army formations in Eastern Command at local level are carrying out routine data collection exercises on availability on load carriers at all the major entry points in various states. This is being done in coordination with local police authorities. The exercise was earlier planned on the night of November 27-28, 2016. The dates were changed to 30th November to 2nd December on a specific request by Kolkata police due to Bharat Bandh on November 28.” And, the army has released letters to civil administration to justify their action.

Certainly, Mamata’s charges of coup appear frivolous, irresponsible and mischievous. Moreover, by dragging the army into the picture while it was involved in a routine drill, the Bengal chief minister is bent on erasing her credibility even more. Mamata must realize that her reckless allegations may consolidate her Begali vote banks, but cannot carry conviction with the rest of India.

More importantly, Mamata Banerjee has demonstrated her crass irresponsibility as the Chief Minister, by locking herself in her chamber in the Secretariat against her actions.
In sum, she appears to be suffering from self delusional xenophobia. Of course, her cronies like Derek O’Brien in Rajya Sabha and Sudip Bandyopadhyah in Lok Sabha are crying hoarse over danger to her life and a military coup. They spearheaded TMCs extraordinary tirade in both Houses of the Parliament and outside it.

Even the Congress Party stalwarts too are crying hoarse over non-issues which does not behove its past stature and image. For a change, the Left Parties are maintaining silence.
Two other TMC stalwarts, Dinesh Trivedi and Saugata Roy, could be seen sulking in the rear seats in Lok Sabha which clearly reveals how her own party leaders feel embarrassed.

In retrospect, opposition political parties are making wild and unsubstantiated allegations exposing themselves of total lack of character, morals, ethics and values.

What are the realities circulating behind closed doors in Kolkatta. The opposition parties in Bengal — BJP, Congress and the Left Front — have repeatedly alleged that Mamata has been rattled by the wiping out of unaccounted wealth amassed by her party. The fact that there has been a sudden spurt in deposits into Jan Dhan accounts in Bengal has come to the notice of IT authorities.

In a report published on 24 November, Business Standard details that over Rs 21,000 crore has been deposited in jan dhan accounts across the country since demonetization with Bengal recording one of the highest deposits. In areas bordering Bangladesh, some have received strikingly high deposits in accounts meant for the poor, said the report, adding through a source in a PSU bank that for the first few days after demonetisation banks in other subdivisions received close to Rs 1 crore per day while that amount was nearly Rs 5 crore in some banks in a sub-division bordering Bangladesh.

Quite natural for Mamta Banerjee, Bengal chief minister, to rant preaching fire and brimstone on the street to media’s glee by invoking slogan “oust Modi from politics” feeling insecure about her future. However, Mamata appears to be on the wrong side in her political stance.