Political Fraudsters – Naidu tops the list!


(M S Shanker)

Political fraudsters are making headlines what with 2019 elections one year down the line.

Of all them, Nara Chandra Babu Naidu (NCBN) can be crowned as the “King of Fraudsters” based on his latest advertisement in newspapers on June 2, 2018 on the foundation day of the truncated Andhra Pradesh following bifurcation in 2014.


  • By 2022 – achieve 3rd place in Nations GDP what with Rs.2.95 lakhs  – $.3955/-  per head income (Tala Sari Aadayam) or per capita income;
  • By 2029 – achieve 1st place in Nations GDP what with Rs.9. 65 lakhs – $. 14,191/ – per head income or per capita income; and
  • By 2050 – achieve 1st place in the World’s GDP what with Rs. 1.67 crores – $.2,45,588/- per head income or per capita income.

“Building castles in the Air” is quite easy.  NCBN is quite excellent in such “Paper Tiger” formulations.

However, NCBN must realize that defining vision and setting goals must be related to resources, capabilities and dynamic leadership in service of people.

Is NCBN going to be around in 2022? Is NCBN going to remain the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for life till 2029 and beyond till 2050?

How did he arrive at the timelines – 2022, 2029 and 2050? NCBN must stop fooling people by asking them to administer such outlandish pledges.

NCBN may fool himself by setting such delusional targets and timelines; but not the people. High time that someone must get NCBN checked for his delusional pledges!

Since NCBN keeps making frequent sojourns to Davos to attend World Economic Forum Summits, surely he is well informed about the top 3 countries in World GDP Per Capita in PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) as on date: Qatar ($1,24,429/- or Rs.84,61,172/-); Macao (1,11,629/- of Rs.75,90,772/-) and Luxemberg ($1.06,373/- or Rs.72,33,364/-).

As per Price Water Coopers estimates in 2017, India remains at: 28th place with $. 8,500 (Rs.5,78000/- with dollar rupee exchange rate of Rs.68 per dollar) in 2020; $.12,800/- (Rs.8,70,400/-) in 2030; and $ 25,900/- (Rs.17,61,200/-) in 2050.

By whatsoever farfetched and wild imagination there is a chance for India to improve its 28th world ranking by 2030 or even 2050.

If so, the State of Andhra Pradesh to achieve the world top ranking is just simple out of question.

Like many other grandiose unfulfilled promises made in 2014 like building a world class Capital City at Amaravati and the splurging on poor tax payers money on pointless global tours, NCBN is all over again setting unachievable dreams for people to swallow to regain political power in 2019 elections.

Yet, if people follow such “political fraudsters” due to caste and communal considerations, none can save them from living in poverty in perpetuity.