Naidu’s tantrums due to fear of defeat


Hyderabad:  YSR Congress has said that the fear of defeat has been forcing Chandababu Naidu to resort to tantrums, baseless allegations and incoherent comments and dubbed his theatrics of moving the Election Commission as a meek attempt to gain sympathy.

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, Party General Secretary Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said, ‘his theatrics began from the day the electioneering was closed and has been resorting to one gimmick or the other to keep his pot of dissent boiling.

He tried to politicise every issue blatantly and blame the Opposition for it all the time maintaining that Election Commission was biased and not functioning properly while our leader and has simply expressed his opinion on the high voter turn-out and left it to the democratic process to roll on its own.

The people in State Election Commission did not come from outside and were part of the government machinery. The only difference was that they might not have been hand-picked like the DIG Intelligence who was working more like TDP worker. The transfer of SPs, DIG and Chief Secretary was only after considering the facts and procedure and cannot be called arbitrary.

He has coined the phrase malfunctioning of EVMs and widely circulated it through his friendly media that 30% of the EVMs were not working which is beyond reasonable comprehension and the CEO had given a blow by blow reply to all his allegations.

The delay in voting and elections going on till midnight was of his own making as he wanted to pick up the entire election staff to favour him and had put aside the trained staff and commissioned people from Narayana and Chaitanya Educational institutions who have no experience in such matters and they could not brace with the situation due to lack of experience.

When there are skirmishes voting is bound to stop delaying the process and that is what has happened. His effort to bring down the polling percentage failed miserably. People came in large numbers and voting percentage has gone up to 80 % which is a clear indication that YSRCP is winning hands down, which is the actual reason for his frustration.

Naidu has been so frustrated that he has been taking on the independent agencies and his latest was the Election Commission. The same EVMs were functioning well and he had full faith in them in 2014 and suddenly they became obsolete as TDP base eroded drastically this time around.

Chandababu going to Delhi is only for cheap publicity and people have decided his fate decisively though his coterie and friendly media try to project it otherwise, he said.