Naidu supports digitalization


Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu Thursday claimed that Krishna District Collector Babu Ahamed has come up with a solution to ease the currency crunch being faced by people following demonetisation.

AadharPay, a cashless payment system which needs only a smartphone and a biometric reader, can be used for transferring money with a thumb impression.

The trader (or recipient of money) needs a smartphone fitted with biometric reader as an accessory.

“I struggled for 40 days. I had sleepless nights. We searched the world and broke our heads to find a solution. But now, Babu has come up with a simple solution that will transform the nation,” the Chief Minister said at the conference of District Collectors here this afternoon.

He felicitated the Collector at the conference.

“Aadhar-enabled payments are the best way (to overcome the currency crisis). We will discuss this in our committee meeting,” Naidu said.

“One can transfer money using AadharPay from any bank under one platform…..It’s a simple solution but will transform the nation,” he added.