Naidu blames EC for acting at behest of Modi


Amaravati: Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and Telugu Desam Party National President Nara Chandrababu Naidu earlier today, alleged that the self-proclaimed Election commission has been unilaterally acting on the orders of the Central Government.

After 34 days of elections, the issue of repolling in Chandragiri was a constant contradiction and undemocratic.

Earlier today, the Chief Minister had filed a complaint to the Central Election Commission alleging concern over the repolling of five booths in Chandragiri constituency. Chandrababu handed over the complaint to Sunil Arora, Central Election Commissioner in Delhi. The complaint asked the question as to the logic or rationale behind holding repolls in 5 booths of Chandragiri constituency 34 days after the actual date of polling. This in essence violates the existing Model Code of Conduct established by the Election Commission of India.

While questioning the decisions of the Election Commission,  Naidu stated, “The Chief Electoral Officer has shown a clear bias towards the YSRCP as they have been taking into consideration and reacting to the complaints made by the YSRCP but have not accorded the TDP the same amount of respect.”He also said,“The issue of repolling in Chandragiri is severely condemned and the partisan attitude of the Election Commission is undemocratic.”

The inconsistency of actions of the Election Commission was questioned by Shri. Chandrababu Naidu who asked how the Home Secretary was transferred for writing a letter to the Election Commission in West Bengal while there has been no action taken on any of the complaints from the TDP in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Naidu stated that, “Taking unilateral decisions in one place where it is unnecessary and not reacting to more important issues is not appropriate by the Election Commission.” He also alleged that the Central Election Commission is in clearly working in cohorts with and reacting in favor of BJP and YSRCP which can be clearly seen from the fact that the EC ignored the complaint from the TDP to conduct repolling across 9 polling booths in AP and has agreed to the request brought to it by the YSRCP of conducting repolling only in the Chandragiri constituency.

He stated that in his 40-year political career where he has been the Party President for over 24 years, he has never seen such inconsistency and lack of transparency in the overall election process. He has lashed out at the Election Commission which should function independently but is clearly and shamelessly working on the instructions of the Central Government.

The Election Commission should have decided without any undue influence if by looking at the facts, there was enough evidence to conduct repolling and then make a decision.


Hon’ble Chief Minster also stated how shocked he was at the lack of any action from the Election Commission over the comments made by Pragya Singh on Mahatma Gandhi. This shows a clear bias as requests made by the TDP were ignored by the Election Commission namely, no reaction to misuse of IP addresses on Form 7 by YSRCP to remove votes in AP. The fight against the unfair and unpartisan treatment by the Election Commission of not just Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal but several other states will continue till transparency and impartiality becomes a key part of the entire election process.


Naidu also said, “All non-BJP parties at the national level are joining forces and raising questions on the decision making and functioning of the Election Commission.”

With regards to the impending future, the task of uniting non-BJP parties at the national level is progressing rapidly and Shri. Chandrababu Naidu revealed that with the electoral process reaching the final phase, plans on future course of action will be decided post the announcement of the results.