Modi targets Cong for sedition law repeal promise


Sonagadh (Gujarat): Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday slammed the Congress over its manifesto promise to repeal sedition law and reduce forces from Kashmir.

The opposition party is trying to fulfil the demands of Pakistan, Modi said, adding the only “business of Pakistan is to export terror.

Are people who want to break the country into tukde- tukde (pieces) not anti-nationals?… Congress is now saying that they will repeal the sedition law. Can we expect this from a 125 year-old party?, Modi said at a rally here.

The BJP began using the phrase “tukde tukde gang” to refer to students accused of raising anti-India slogans in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in 2016 and has generalised the phrase to attack those it accuses of sympathising with Maoists and separatists.

The Congress manifesto is totally opposite to the thinking of Sardar Patel. If he was alive, he would have rejected this manifesto. They are abusing our armed forces.

They want to reduce the strength of our forces in Kashmir, he said.

“This manifesto is an attempt to fulfil the demands of Pakistan,” Modi said.