‘Mahamilavat” of Bua, babua politics to end after May 23, says Modi


(Online Desk)

While launching an unsparing attack on SP-BSP-RLD alliance for practising politics purely on caste lines, PM Modi claimed ‘bua’ and ‘babua’ were fighting for political relevance and that both the regional parties would witness end of their brand of politics after results on May 23.

In the run-up to the second phase of polling for another eight seats of western UP on April 18, PM Narendra Modi intensified BJP’s campaign by holding back-to-back two rallies in Moradabad and Aligarh on Sunday.

Addressing a public rally in the brass city of Moradabad, the PM kept his speech focussed on the UP alliance firing salvos at BSP chief Mayawati and SP chief Akhilesh Yadav saying both were engaged in politics of opportunism. “Bua (Mayawati) and babua (Akhilesh Yadav) are fighting a battle of survival and political relevance,” said the PM. He minced no words in highlighting how the political compulsion had brought the arch-rivals on one platform against the BJP.

He flagged out the contradictions of the alliance saying Mayawati had joined hands with those who once used to threaten her with the end like that of Saddam Hussain. “On the other, same goes with Akhilesh, who had compromised his pride to join hands with Mayawati for his political convenience forgetting that she used to suggest that Mulayam Singh needed treatment at the mental asylum,” the PM said.

While firing salvos at the regional satraps, PM Modi padded his speech with a number of slogans to bring out the contrarian political flavours of SP and BSP. “Haathi cycle par sawar, aur nishane par hai chowkidaar (the elephant is riding the cycle to target the chowkidaar), ” said th PM to the cheering crowd and continued with: “ Mera maaf, tera bhi maaf, verna ho jayenge dono saaf (lets forgive each other, otherwise we both will  vanish),” said PM narrating the duress under which SP-BSP and RLD joined hands.

Ridiculing the entire opposition for abusing him collectively, , the PM claimed that the opposition onslaught of over two decades had made him “abuse proof.”

He also took the ‘imported tap’ jibe on Akhilesh and Mayawati’s statue with “purse full of money” jibe at BSP chief while retorting the gathdbandhan for calling him the ‘shauchalay chowkidaar.’ Being in Moradabad which has 47 per cent Muslims of the total population,  PM Modi raised the triple talaq issue saying in his next term he would follow it more vigorously to mitigate the sufferings of other half of Muslim population.

Shifting the spotlight on cane dues, on one hand the PM warned the private sugar mill owner to be ready for consequences for delay in payment to cane growers, on the other them of getting every penny of their dues cleared.

Earlier in Aligarh, the PM talked about ‘Modi Mission’ saying in his second term he would strive to remove terror, corruption, disease and poverty by doubling his efforts with all his might.

Keeping the narrative of nationalism alive in the city of locks, the PM warned Pakistan to mend ways or be ready for a bigger action than Balakot in case of another misadventure like Pulwama.

The PM even invoked Dr BR Ambedkar on his birth anniversary with the slogan ‘jai Bhim.’ He attributed his ascendance to the PM’s post to the vision of Babasaheb Ambedkar, the architect of India’s Constitution.