Looking for new phrases to praise Kohli, get new Oxford: Coach Ravi Shahstri


Centurion:┬áRavi Shastri is famous for his tongue-in-cheek replies and had a word of advice for a scribe, who asked him if there is a new moniker that can be attributed to describe India captain Virat Kohli’s greatness.

Kohli has racked up three more ODI hundreds in India’s 5-1 series win against South Africa and people are finding it hard to come up with new phrases to describe his batting.

“I have a tip for you. If I was in your position I know what I would be doing tomorrow. I would be going to the bookstore and buying the latest Oxford dictionary, just to improve my vocabulary (in praise of Kohli),” Shastri said in jest.

Famous for his cliched one-liners during commentary like “tracer bullets” and “just what the doctor ordered”, Shastri sounded every bit like a broadcaster when asked about the kind of impact Kohli has had on the series.

“Huge (impact)! As a batsman? Fabulous – over 500 runs in 6 matches against a South African attack. Do I have to say anything more?” Shastri replied with his customary smug.